PREMIERE | Sazzie Releases Lyric Video – ‘WTF (Pop Culture)’

Sazzie, aka Sarah McIntosh, premieres the lyric video for “WTF (Pop Culture)” on CelebMix, a Depeche Mode-inspired song about the pervasive addiction to celebrity news on social media.

As Sazzie says, “I wanted to document the things celebrities have done or said this year, for example the Royal Wedding, Cardi B and Nicki getting in a fight at fashion week and all the crazy things which come out of Donald Trump’s mouth. What the f**k is going on? What a strange world we live in.”

From a village called Highclere in Hampshire, Sazzie took an interest in music early on. First she learned violin, and then the drums. It was when she found her grandmother’s ‘80s Yamaha keyboard, complete with drum loops and retro sounds, that she began writing songs.

In 2011, Sazzie and her band, The Good Natured, signed on with EMI Records, and toured around the globe sharing the stage with Imagine Dragons and Bastille. Fast forward to now, and Sazzie is going solo, recently releasing her debut single, “Do You Work Out,” featuring Mix Master Mike, along with playing chic places like The Satellite, The Peppermint Club, Vestal Village, and the Camden Assembly in London. At The Peppermint Club, she shared the bill with Kitten, Cypress Hill, Dorothy, Deap Vally, and Josiah and the Bonnevilles.

With a sound described as the “British love child of George Michael and Katy Perry,” Sazzie is currently working on her debut album.

“WTF” opens on a tight, infectious rhythm with new wave-pop flavors riding overhead. Glossy synths pour out surging colors, as Sazzie’s contagious Valley Girl inflection infuses the lyrics with wickedly stylish sassiness and beau coup flamboyant disses.

“Who the f**k is kim k? / She’s so yeezy / Kanye BFF’s with trump / Kylie’s baby bump / Azealia banks / Her social media spats / Del ray had enough / With grimes and elon musk.”

“WTF (Pop Culture)” is lit, full of alt-pop sonic flair, catchy lyrics, brilliant hooks, and Sazzie’s deliciously snarky tones.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.