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PREMIERE | Sloane Debuts ‘Grow Up,’ feat. Paul McDonald

Innovative alt-pop producer Sloane premieres “Grow Up,” featuring Paul McDonald on CelebMix. “Grow Up” is the second single from Sloane’s forthcoming EP, Music To Cry To While You Smile.

Sloane explains the song’s inspiration, “’Grow up’ is really my future self, talking to me now, telling me that when I’m older this will all make sense. It’s hard to process why things happen sometimes and harder to trust that it’s all happening to get us to where we really need to be. I needed a song to sing to myself to remind me daily that when I’m older I’ll learn how to love, remind me to be present now and appreciate the ride and obstacles that present themselves, and to trust that I’m growing to be able to be the person to stand in front of my future life partner and be ready and open to love in the brightest way.”

Prior to releasing his own music, music born out of the pain of heartbreak, Sloane was the music director for renowned artists such as Slash, Pharrell, Bruno Mars, and Macy Gray, and produced smash hits by Jake Miller, Phantogram, Tinashe, Eliza Doolittle, Andreya Triana, MAX, and LP.

Hidden from view by a pixelated mask, Sloane’s inimitable music merges avant-garde electronic music with polished pop. The ensuing sound exudes wistful tremors of fugitive possibilities, acceptance of existing conditions, and anticipation for what the future holds, as he develops and expands his personal scope.

“Grow Up” opens on cool washes of synth colors, followed by the entry of McDonald’s delicious tenor, locked in tight, exuding lambent passion and silky intense timbres. When the pulsing, rumbling rhythm kicks in, along with a tasty chinking piano, the tune takes on vibrant pop flavors.

A gentle piano-accented breakdown crowned by McDonald’s dulcet tones slowly assembles energy, moussing up to radiant harmonic textures full of glowing dynamism.

“I don’t ever wanna grow up / And be that kind of man / Always bitching when he shows up / How it’s never happening / Don’t dream anymore / Don’t remember the sound / Before my heart hits the bottom and the lights go out / Grow up / They say I gotta grow up.”

“Grow Up” is gorgeously wrought, suffused with luminous colors riding a captivating rhythm, as Paul McDonald’s yummy voice secures the song’s urgency.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.