Violet Grae
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PREMIERE | Violet Grae Lights It Up On ‘My Name’

Electrifying electro-pop diva Violet Grae premieres her first single, “My Name,” on CelebMix. Written by Grae and produced by Ben Cohen, “My Name” is a panegyric for anyone who has battled with trials and tribulations.

Influenced by Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, and inspired by artists like Frank Ocean, The Roots, and FKA Twigs, Violet’s sound melds soulful retro savors with edgy electronic music. Unique and potent, her sound packs a pressurized punch, encompassing topics such as self-esteem, empowerment, and autonomy.

Describing her sound, Violet says, “My sound is very much as if Billie Holiday jammed with Nine Inch Nails.” She told CelebMix, “‘My Name’ is the first of many singles coming down the pipe over the next three months.”

Renowned for her galvanizing live performances, Violet surrenders the totality of her energy while on stage, with the goal of encouraging, enlightening, and captivating audiences, as she invites them to become part of her musical celebration.

“My Name” opens on opaque pulsations of sleek powerful synths, followed by a cool throbbing rhythm driven by syncopated percussion and a fat bass line. As Grae’s smoldering voice enters, the tune takes on scorching seductive energy, as sensuous vocal harmonies suffuse the milieu with beguiling hues.

The dark sonic spell of the synths suffuses the tune with elongated throbs of wicked flavors, as sparkling accents ride the outer fringes, adding luminous surface textures. The juxtaposition of raw pulsing pigments and Grae’s sultry tones imbues the harmonics with bottled-up élan on the brink of bursting free. After a bass-filled breakdown, a tinkling piano suffuses the music with gleaming tension.

There’s a velvety gospel relish rolling through the harmonies, giving the harmonics a cashmere allure both tantalizing and sumptuous.

The lyrics exude palpable energy, as Grae serves passionate notice of her independence.

“You thought you contained me / Your fuel is my flames / You will never / Never forget my name.”

Ooh la la! “My Name” quakes with dominant surges of lush colors atop a muscular rhythm, as Violet Grae struts her superbly plush vocal gift. Violet Grae has it going on in a big, big way.

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Written by Randy

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