PREMIERE | Xtevie Releases Dazzling ‘Dollars & Your Tongue’

Xtevie premieres her banging indie-pop single, “Dollars & Your Tongue,” on CelebMix. Posh and potent, the song blends ingredients of hip-hop and pop into a sound Xtevie calls “femme-hype.”

According to Xtevie, the song’s inspiration occurred when, “A theme of business and the different functions that make an enterprise successful came over me … distribution being a major one. But I wanted the song to be hot, so hinting at controlling the supply of something in demand came out in the form of ‘Dollars and Your Tongue.’ I’m as much of a fan of economics as I am tequila and extracurriculars.”

Xtevie lit up the music industry with the release of her debut single, “Bakin’ (feat. Nevve),” and is now back with her electrifying follow-up – “Dollars & Your Tongue.”

Multi-talented, Xtevie is not only a galvanizing artist but a co-founder of the multi-million-dollar company Drybar, as well as a top-notch sommelier. Her philosophy of work hard, play hard is mirrored in her music, depicting the lifestyle of a self-actualizing person of supreme confidence who revels in success, and simultaneously encourages other women to leap into the adventure of life and lead the way.

“Dollars & Your Tongue” opens on grand chorale-like voices full of bright radiance and then flows into a muscular trap-lite beat topped with tasty hints of pop energy. Layers of synth colors, luminous, deep, and mid-range accents, infuse the tune with cool, buoyant sonic surfaces, as gleefully glossy vocal harmonies invest the chorus with burnished resonance juxtaposed with Xtevie’s rap-lite flow, tight and melodic, on the vibrantly pulsing verses.

We love the “whoo, whoo” intonations, filling the harmonics with brilliant lustrous flavors, establishing a bouncy aura against the cavernous bass line. The combination suffuses the melody with tantalizing palpable textures, nuanced and proximate.

“Dollars & Your Tongue” is a superb banger, rife with a beefy rhythmic flow, irresistible vocals, and the deluxe seductive voice of Xtevie.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.