President Street Return With ‘Back Home’ – A Topical and Emotional Anthem

President Street, the Australian Pop Fusion Collective, return on the 7th of December with ‘Back Home’, an emotional and thought provoking anthem. The song, with its enrobing vocals and pulsating percussion, is the perfect anthem to remind us to be kind and generous this Christmas.

The track, with its message of homecoming, is in response to the refugee crisis currently active in Europe. Pete, President Street’s main man, wanted to depoliticise the crisis and bring humanity into the conversation. He wanted to remind everyone that these vulnerable people are trying to rediscover where exactly their home is.

“The song was quite challenging”, Pete explains, “the subject matter is pretty heavy but at the same time I wanted to make the chorus feel ‘upbeat’ and optimistic as I wanted the song to be about people getting the chance to find their new home. I wanted to show some happiness in the depths of tragedy. The world is so politically divided and I’m just trying to paint a more human picture”.

The track starts as it means to go on with rolling synths and dulcet tones. The song quickly gains momentum as it builds towards its percussion heavy chorus and infectiously catchy vocal hook. The track, with its laid back vibes, is chilled, and soulful, and truly beautiful.

Riding high on the success of their recently released hit single ‘Need You Now’ (which featured star of Prison Drama ‘Wentworth’ Kate Jenkinson’), President Street are ready to impress once more with their artistic production style and meaningful lyrics and sentiments.

Check out the brand new track below!

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Written by Emma

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