President Street are back with a tale of heartbreak and hope, ‘Heartbreak Player’

Returning to the UK for the first time since the pandemic, Australian pop duo President Street are bouncing back with a tale of heartbreak and hope, with ‘Heartbreak Player’.

This will be their first single since the politically-charged ‘Time Is Up’, and it’s a fantastic one with which to announce their return back to their spiritual home, the UK. Tour after tour will see them through until mid-2022 in support of ROACHFORD (and one other very special announcement which is coming soon). 

Completely restructuring their live show to create a sound big enough to fill the O2 Theatres, PRESIDENT STREET have taken a strong departure from their previous acoustic setup to create a dynamic and exciting stage show that sees the band expanding their sound with beats, keys, electric guitar, loop pedals and more.

Making their way to the UK for the first time since before the pandemic, PRESIDENT STREET are impatient to get back on the road. “We are super excited to get back over to the UK and get in front of our fans and share our new songs with them. It feels like forever since we were last there and we’re so buzzed to be part of the excitement of the return of live music and to get the chance to connect once again with people in real life”

This exciting announcement coupled with the release of the certified bop, ‘Heartbreak Player’ marks a new chapter in the timeline of this band, one full of success, live music and fun.

Heartbreak Player is out on the 24th September. Follow the band on their socials in order to keep up-to-date with their touring schedule. Like this? Join in the conversation on Twitter over @CelebMix

Written by Emma

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