PRETTYMUCH Releases “Rock Witchu”

After several months of teasing their dedicated followers, PRETTYMUCH have finally released their most anticipated single “Rock Witchu”!

The single made it’s first appearance back in April when they posted a video on their YouTube channel of them making music in their garage. Since then, fans have been constantly begging the boys to release the full version.

The boys did a test run for this song by performing it live during their FOMO tour. The crowds have shown so much love and support for this song, they decided to bless us with the studio version on all streaming platforms! CelebMix got the chance to see this talented group of boys on their show in LA for the FOMO tour. From the dope choreography to the amazing live vocals, “Rock Witchu” has to be our favorite song to watch them perform live!

It’s a playful song that simply expresses their love for a girl that they can’t get enough of. Each verse easily makes you want to groove back and forth with one of the boys!

I got one, two, three, four reasons you should rock with me, babe
I’ll get you wined and dined in summertime
It’s all about you, babe
Take you to my place, to my new estate
Pour you up a drink, baby, what you think?
Like off no green we could medicate, like
Hold up

The band’s very own Brandon Arreaga produced this fresh beat while him and the rest of his band members, Zion Kuwonu, Nick Mara, Austin Porter, and Edwin Honoret came together to create the lyrics. This track has a very old school R&B sound with a modern twist – it really showcases their musical inspirations for artists such as the classic R&B trio Bell Biv Devoe.

We hope that the release of this new track means that another EP is in the works, or possibly even an upcoming album for PRETTYMUCH!

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Written by Sydney Rae