Professor Green gets emotional on This Morning

Professor Green’s real name is Stephen Manderson. He opened up on ‘This Morning’ and got very emotional talking about his father’s suicide. Pro Green stated he was in therapy and this helps him unload all his problems rather than rely on his wife Millie Mackintosh.

Pro Green said: ‘I see a therapist regularly. It’s important; you go through it- you can puff your chest out but that’s not dealing with it, that’s surviving.’ The 31 year old rapper also revealed his final conversation with his late father before he hanged himself.

The father and son were meant to meet the day after Boxing Day. Pro Green’s dad told his son he was bringing his wife and kids but this was enough to push Pro Green over the edge as he lost his temper and said this is about me and you, not anyone else.

The last words the rapper said to his Dad was: ‘If I ever see you again I’ll knock you out.’ Pro Green has looked more into his father’s life and started to understand why certain things happened. His dad suffered bereavements and trauma which perhaps explains why his own relationship with his son was problematic.

Pro Green has now taken everything in and says: ‘I can understand. I just wish, the only thing is. I just wish I could have spoken to him. It just means I have to take care of myself.’

Below is the song Pro Green released telling us about his relationship with his father.

Written by CelebMix