Queen and Adam Lambert Fans Unite To Raise Funds and Awareness for the Mercury Phoenix Trust

Queen and Adam Lambert Fans Unite To Raise Funds and Awareness for the Mercury Phoenix Trust

The Mercury Phoenix Trust was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor, and their manager Jim Beach in memory of rock band Queen’s legendary lead singer Freddie Mercury who died in 1991 from AIDS.

According to The Mercury Phoenix website, “in the last 21 years the Trust has given away over 16 million dollars in his name and funded over 700 projects in the global battle against HIV/AIDS.”

In 2010 The Mercury Phoenix started a project called Freddie For A Day, which is a day held every year on Freddie’s birthday (September 5th) in order to help fight AIDS worldwide. On this day people are encouraged to celebrate the life of Freddie Mercury by bringing people together to dress as Freddie in order to raise awareness and funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Although there is a day, people are encouraged to hold their own Freddie For A Day on any day of the year.

To support the Freddie For A Day project, Adam Lambert posted a video for something he calls the 7070 Campaign in order to help, while adding a bit of humor to the clip in order to lighten up the mood. He wants to know, can you raise 70 pounds, dollars, euros or yen in the lead up to Freddie’s 70th birthday on September 5th?

In order to help spread this message, an anonymous group of Queen and Adam Lambert fans listened to what Adam said and took charge by creating a Just Giving page to help reach the 7070 Campaign donation goal.

On the page (which has been fully approved by Mercury Phoenix Trust) fans are asking for people to donate at least $500.00 US dollars to help the 7070 Campaign for Freddie’s 70th birthday.

Here’s some of their story as seen on the Just Giving page:

As a united group, we are pooling our donations for the 7070 campaign in the hopes of raising $500.00 US  in honor of Freddie’s 70th Birthday!

Fans may donate individually, as a  group or anonymously via our Just Giving page! (Just Giving is an official donation site utilized by Mercury Phoenix Trust.)

Donating to the The Mercury Phoenix Trust is a perfect way to honor Freddie on his 70th Birthday! It’s also a great way to thank Brian, Roger & Adam for the amazing World Tour! Keeping Freddie’s  memory, the music and the magic alive!

Want to help? DONATE HERE

As of now, this fan run page is 83% to their goal of $500, but please do continue to help support The Mercury Phoenix project once it surpasses that goal.

You can spread the word about donating using the hashtags #FFAD70, #7070, and #QueenAndAdamLambertFans7070!


Written by Melanie Gomez

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