Interview: Quinn L’Esperance pays homage to her brother in her newest single, “Dance in the Garden”

Quinn L’Esperance in 2020 is a large range of things. This year, she has really come into her own with her music and has grown so much as a songwriter and artist. There have been many ups and downs for her, but Quinn finds gratitude in the fact that she has had all the time in the world to focus on music at the beginning of the year.

“We’re all just hanging in there, right,” Quinn expresses to CelebMix on how she is doing at the moment. “I was home with my family for a few months quarantining in Ohio, but now that I’m back in LA I’ve been able to get back to work very safely (with COVID-19 precautions in place) on a bunch of different acting projects, which I have been very busy with!” Quinn just tries her best to keep high spirits by reminding herself of the things she is grateful for, such as her family and friends.

“Dance in the Garden” is now available on digital streaming platforms

Following on from the release of her single “Unstoppable” earlier in 2020, Quinn has returned with a heartwarming single that is essentially an ode to her very own brother, Connor, who is on the autistic spectrum.

“I wanted to write an empowering anthem for him and others like him to start a conversation about the common misconceptions about the special needs community,” Quinn reveals to CelebMix. “My dad has a quote that he says, ‘Connor lives in the garden, we live in the world. We have the ability to come in and out of the garden, but Connor gets to experience the beauty of just the garden.'”

Through that message, Quinn wanted to say that a person’s disability doesn’t have to define them because of what others think of them. “Connor gets to see the world differently than we do, and that to me is a pretty special thing,” Quinn states.

“Events from pretty much my entire life play into the message behind this song,” Quinn assures CelebMix. Growing up with a sibling with special needs, Quinn saw first-hand what it was like to interact with Connor and his other friends. Quinn explains further, “I was present all the time at school functions and extracurricular activities that he was involved in. I noticed I always felt a connection with all these kids and knew I needed to write a song to bring awareness to the unique beauty the special needs community brings into our lives.”

I hope this can be an empowering anthem to others in addition to it being one for Connor

Quinn L’Esperance

Quinn has been working and rewriting this song for a little over two years, trying to make it just right for Connor. Quinn wanted the lyrics and the feel of the song to be perfect for him. “After many, many hours in the studio and in multiple writing sessions, we finally ended up at a place where everything about the song finally felt right,” Quinn continues. “Because I was home in Ohio for as long as I was, I was able (after self-quarantining) to head down to Nashville and finish the song once and for all with my music producer Matt Wilder, and then shot a music video with Connor and his friends back in Ohio.”

Right now Quinn is in the middle of working on multiple acting jobs. She will be heading back to Nashville really soon to work on more new music as well. So stay tuned for more!

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