R3HAB & Amba Shepherd release a reimagining of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit as a beautiful, bouncy dance anthem

When two worlds collide you expect there to be some sort of explosive immersion, and that is the feeling when the worlds of Grunge icons Nirvana and powerhouse EDM artist R3HAB & Amba Shepherd come together for this interesting take on “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Coming directly out of the R3HAB’s imprint CYB3RPVNK, this take on the 1991 classic from Nirvana sees Amba shine prominently throughout with her soaring, gorgeous vocals, as they serve as the over-arching figure with EDM essentials drawing listeners in with deep, sultry bassline and dark melodies, capturing the essence of what made the classic song great, however, with an indie-dance context for today’s audience.

Speaking on the heft task of tackling such an iconic song, R3HAB explains that growing up he heard all kinds of music, and there were some songs that just stuck out to him. “That’s what exactly this song is for me,” R3HAB says about ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, “[it] has always been special for that reason.”

Being able to work on something made by legends like Nirvana together with Amba was a great experience, and I hope our fans and listeners will enjoy it.


Going into detail on Amba’s feelings on the mammoth task, she expressed excitement, not just for working on such an incredible single, but also getting to partner up with R3HAB. “I wanted to make an unexpected electronic version of the iconic track,” she says on the project, “so I recorded my vocal as an indie chill demo — It was amazing to work with him, and I look forward to more music together soon.

For arguments sake, nothing will ever come close to what was the original from Nirvana in 1991, but hey, one can dream! You can have a listen to the original single from 1991 below.

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