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Rachael Sage Returns With New Single ‘Spark’

Rachael Sage returns with her characteristically velvety vocals and thoughtfully constructed lyrics with her new single ‘Spark’.

Based in NYC, multi-instrumentalist Rachael Sage is no stranger to recognition, she has shared the stage with artists such as Judy Collins, Shawn Colvin, and Ani DiFranco – to name but a few – and she has recently landed her 22nd song on hit Reality TV show ‘Dance Moms’. She has over 10 million YouTube streams and is currently readying for the UK release of her 13th album ‘Myopia’.

‘Spark’, the first standalone track to be released from the album, is a song about the intimacy of a shared experience with a total stranger. It is about the magical moment when a relationship is in its infancy, before anything can go wrong and the experience is wrapped up in excitement and exhilaration. It documents a relatable, and human moment that many of us can relate to. It is about taking delight in the unknown and truly learning to live in the moment.

The track has a catchy piano hook and a dynamic percussive element. Rachael’s vocals compliment the track perfectly and she really gets the chance to showcase the power and depth that her voice has. It is a beautiful song, and a very welcome introduction to a whole new era for Rachael Sage.

Check out ‘Spark’ below, and keep up to date with Rachael’s socials to make sure you don’t miss the release of ‘Myopia’ on October 17th!





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Written by Emma

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