Promotional photo for "holiday." which sees RAGS AND RICHES standing in front of an orange-brown background. Peyton is slightly taller than his brother with a ginger quiff and a beard, and he is wearing a cream hoodie which has blue, red, and yellow squares over it in some sort of pattern. Tanner has brown hair in a similar style, a beard, and he is wearing a white t-shirt under a blue denim jacket.

RAGS AND RICHES bring a carefree party anthem with their new single and music video “holiday.”

Ultimate party anthems are where it’s at during winter and the brand new single and music video from RAGS AND RICHES, titled “holiday.” is the exact track we all need in our lives as it promotes living your life to the fullest. This follows up their previous single “TALK”.

RAGS AND RICHES are an alternative pop duo consisting of brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt. They have been making waves in the music scene with their adrenaline-fueled sound. Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, the duo’s mission is to bring hope and inspiration to a generation of dreamers. Their debut single “Speed of Sound” was released in 2019 and quickly gained attention, racking up over a million streams on various platforms. Since their emergence, RAGS AND RICHES have performed at over 200 shows across 40 states, charted in the top 200 on NACC college radio charts, won two Lexington Music Awards, and boast impressive streaming and video view numbers, with over 4 million streams and 1.5 million video views to date. Their debut album, “Mas Gold”, released in 2022 via Sonablast! Records, made a big impact, with over 1.4 million streams in its first week alone. The determined brothers are a force to be reckoned with, and their current success suggests they’re only just getting started on their rise to the top.

“It came from a place of feeling burnt out on the schedule we were living. We had been doing the same schedule for a few years and this was our ‘get me out of this way of living’ mindset,” says Tanner Whitt about the song. “Peyton [Whitt] produced the beat and then we called our good friend DeMarko Murphy in to help write this one. Between the three of us I think we nailed the carefree/get me out of this ‘normal’ way of living.”

Watch the official music video to “holiday.” by RAGS AND RICHES here:

Written by DeMarko Murphy, Peyton Whitt, and Tanner Whitt, while it was produced by Peyton Whitt, “holiday.” is an upbeat anthem that is sure to bring in those feel-good vibes. The electro bassline interracts with the mainstream pop and the subtle addicting drums to create a fun-filled positive track that bounces along perfectly in rhythm to the vocal delivery. Passion for this carefree number is exactly what is needed and is surely highly relatable to everyone – we always need a holiday, even when we’ve just got back from one.

The music video, which has been directed by Austin Barron from 35 Visual, sees RAGS AND RICHES working an office job where they reveal that they need a holiday – don’t we all. The visual starts off in a meeting with the boss who has a mug saying “world’s best boss” and an award on his desk – talk about an ego. That’s when Tanner Whitt turns around to the camera and starts singing the song about needing a holiday. The rest of the video sees them take over the office. getting their co-workers deciding they need holidays too, and it isn’t long until the whole office team are partying away and joining in on the fun. In the second-half of the video, the brothers are wearing orange inflatable suits and their co-workers end up wearing astronaut inflatable suits. We also see their performance vibes in snippet clips of Peyton Whitt playing the drums and Tanner Whitt singing. By the end of the music video, they’ve managed to get their boss to join them too – linking well with the carefree nature of the song.

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“holiday.” by RAGS AND RICHES is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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