Rak-Su’s Top 5 Songs So Far

It’s been just over a week since Watford lads Rak-Su were crowned the champions of The X Factor 2017, making them the first ever boyband to win the talent show. Yep, it’s hard to tell that the likes of JLS and One Direction were runners up given that their success surpassed many of the winners.

Why Rak-Su you ask? Jamaal, Ashley, Mustafa and Myles won the hearts of the public due to their originality first and foremost. In a show dominated by cover versions, good and bad, the boys consistently delivered their own impressive self-penned tunes created especially for the week’s theme, complete with their slick routines and on stage camaraderie.

The band regularly topped the iTunes charts during the show with their live performances and were the perfect act to slot in today’s music scene with the absence of such a hip ‘manband’. Furthermore each of the guys seemed like the type you could go have a pint with, and their personalities were endearing in that you could tell how they truly live and love what they do.

As the music world braces itself for even more Rak-Su domination, we look back at some of their best hits so far from The X Factor and earlier…

Wanna Tell You

An earlier track taken from their Flights n Feel EP, this track incorporates different styles and shows depth to the guys music we may not have already seen.

Crush On You

The good thing about Rak-Su’s rise of fame is that we can all discover their old music that we’ve missed out on all this time. Taken from their second EP Dive, this is R&B at its finest and Jamaal’s voice definitely has us feeling some type of way.

Feeling You

The song that started it all. This was a ready made hit from when they first performed it during their audition and was just a small glimpse of what was to follow.


Dimelo Dimelo Dimelo. The winner’s single catapulted straight to #2 on the charts. Well done boys! A song namechecking Shakira and Camilla Cabello was always destined for success.


This song has been stuck in our heads from the moment we heard it. We’d go for fajitas and tequilas with the boys any day.

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Written by byaregal

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