Raquel Lily examines Polyamory through an intoxicating high on ‘Heartstrings’

Imagine going through an intense self-examination of your innermost thoughts fueled by an insane mushroom trip. Well that’s exactly what inspired Raquel Lily for her latest single “Heartstrings”.

The passionate R&B singer belts her deepest emotions through soulful vocals and slinky, jazz-infused soundscapes. Powerfully singing in the chorus, “Say You go, pulling my heartstrings. And it’s disgusting. How much I’m into you,” she is trying to fight back her feelings, but she can not deny just how much love and appreciation she has for her relationship.

The smoky track also touches on her journey into polyamory. Lily reveals, “It was also on the heels of exploring concepts of polyamory in a long time relationship, realizing this love wasn’t just something that could go away with some other side fling.”

Born in the Philippines, raised in New York, but currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Lily pursues many creative avenues. From singing, songwriting and producing to gaming and showing off her culinary skills on Twitch, she is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Though she puts her all into each endeavor, singing is where she shines the most and has even left the medical field to follow that lifelong dream. She may have found her ideal career, but when it comes to navigating everything else about her 20s it is a bit more of a trapeze act.

“Heartstrings” is off of her upcoming album I’m Leaving. The eight-track release delves into the trial and error that is your 20s and trying to find your place in the adult world. Exploring breakups to hookups and everything in between, Lily’s candid lyricism sung with so much depth makes listeners connect to her on a profound level. Piloting fans on an impassioned voyage, they feel her every sensation as if it was their own. Listening to “Heartstrings” you are sure to get sucked into her emotional tornado, but will certainly enjoy the ride.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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