Twitch star Raquel Lily concocts dazzling soulful music

Philippines born, but New York raised, Twitch Star Raquel Lily is a multitalented artist with an exceptional aptitude for her craft. A singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and online personality, she’s accumulated a dedicated following through her vivacious presence on Twitch.

Her impassioned single “I’m Leaving” has deeply connected with listeners due to its relatable message of letting go of a negative relationship. Her warm, velvety vocals atop groovy relaxed soundscapes make the track an undeniable hit. With colorful 90s-esque visuals, her imaginative video pairs perfectly with the song’s throwback vibes.

On the popular platform known as Twitch, she streams a wide variety of content. From music performances, to vlogging, gaming, cooking and just chatting with fans, she’s found a way to standout and bond with a core audience. Twitch is a place where Raquel feels at home and can really be herself. It’s important for many of us to have an outlet to express ourselves when we need an escape from life’s daily struggles. 

Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, Raquel is continually writing music that allows her to let out her most intimate thoughts and feeling while taking listeners on an emotive ride. Her reflective songs come from a truly authentic place as they are fueled by her own experiences. Taking inspiration from icons like Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston, her stunning R&B sound radiates throughout her work.

Her upcoming album I’m Leaving details the difficulties of life in your 20s and it’s something Raquel knows all too well. The songstress confides, “Songwriting is cathartic to me. It’s always an emotional purge, so it’s hard to just write and not feel anything. The theme to the 8 songs I’m putting out is a sort of coming of age and a story about someone going through their 20’s.” Raquel’s aim is to create music that resonates with fans. 

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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