Ray Quinn’s Undeniable was worth the 13-year wait

Ray Quinn has released his album Undeniable. And it was most definitely worth the 13- year wait.

Undeniable features 10-tracks. It includes 2 new original songs, They Say Love and Smile as well as 8 covers of some of Ray’s favourite songs from the 60’s to the present day, including classics by artists such as Matt Munro and Leo Sayer.

We spoke to Ray earlier this year where he explained the inspiration Undeniable ““It’s the music I grew up on. I wanted there to be something for everyone on it, I remember listening to the songs my parents sang and danced to at the social club. And the more modern songs are the songs that mean something to me.”

Having grown up in the industry and been around music from an early age, Undeniable is a very personal tribute by Ray to the music he loves. Recorded in  Liverpool, at Parr Street Recording Studios, it features a 50 piece orchestra and is very much Ray singing paying homage to the music he grew up with and bringing his own unique sound to classic songs and his own interpretation of current masterpieces.

From the stunning cover of Duffy’s Mercy to follow up singles  If I Never Sing Another Song and They Say Love it’s an album that has a track that everyone will love and relate to. It’s a very varied selection. A collective body of work that will introduce listeners to classic songs and more contemporary tracks they may not have heard.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

Likes to post in black and white on Instagram. Avid Tea drinker, preferably Yorkshire Tea or Lipton Iced Tea and lover of Pop Culture. Contact: kelly@celebmix.com