Rayvon Owen Releases New Single “Like A Storm”

It feels like ages since we’ve had new music from Rayvon Owen, and it really has been, as his previous single was released 10 months ago, but this brand new single “Like A Storm”, was so worth the wait. This single follows-up “Gold“, which was released back in January.

Rayvon Owen is best known for being a contestant on the 14th season of American Idol, where he became a finalist, coming in at fourth place. After the show, he dropped his first single “Can’t Fight It”, where he came out as gay in the official music video, gaining a lot of publicity and critical acclaim. The music video stars LGBTQ+ activist, Shane Bitney Crone, who he is now engaged to – after a proposal at a Demi Lovato concert. Since “Can’t Fight It”, Rayvon Owen has been building up his career with the steady release of singles, we even managed to interview him last year upon the release of the single “Volume“. We’re excited to see where his career takes him, and if this new single, “Like A Storm”, is anything to go by, then Rayvon Owen is set to make his mark on the music industry because this song is incredible.

The track has been written by Jaidan Millar, Jean Castel, Matt Lara, and Rayvon Owen. “Like A Storm” starts off with some eager synths, suggesting a new direction for this talented singer-songwriter, before he jumps in with his beautiful vocals. The whole song has some dark depths as he claims that he’s “here to stay”. The chorus contains a whole tonne of metaphors suggesting that he’s going to focus on his dream and no one’s going to stop him – this is what we like to hear, as we want more Rayvon Owen music. He impresses us with his R&B style infused with modern-day pop, an eerie backing track and some club beats – we can’t help but hope some remixes follow this single.

Listen To Rayvon Owen’s New Single “Like A Storm” Here:

“Like A Storm” is available to download and stream right now. We can’t help but hope an EP or even an album will be released soon.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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