Rayvon Owen Releases Highly-Anticipated New Single “Volume”

We have had a bunch of teasers from Rayvon Owen about his brand new single; finally, “Volume” is out now! It’s a song we can’t get enough of, one we keep playing on repeat, and one we’re sure you will love.

He has been on form lately, his official debut single “Can’t Fight It” had us all addicted upon its release; not only that but the music video went viral, as we watched this male solo singer come out as gay. Now, this is the official follow-up to the first single, and it’s even better – if that was possible.

We’ve had plenty of covers from Rayvon Owen, including a cover of La Roux’s “Bulletproof“; and, who can forget his ode to Demi Lovato where he sang a medley of her songs? He originally comes from American Idol, where he gained a huge following on the 14th Season; he came fourth.

We don’t think we were quite prepared for this song. It’s highly passionate, with Rayvon Owen. not only nailing the vocals but fully bringing the fire. He means every single word he is singing, and every listener can feel it within.

Listen To Rayvon Owen’s New Single “Volume” Here:

The song first premiered on Out Magazine, yesterday. It has a highly personal spin to the song that truly resonates with his LGBTQ+ community of fans. He’s real, he’s honest, and he truly reflects what it’s like to come out. The track is reflective and refreshing, with the lyrics and the beats easily accommodating that.

He paints a story, one that many will easily relate to; one that allows him to send out confidence to all his fans. We all need that confidence to be ourselves. Rayvon Owen expresses himself in every way with this song, it’s one we need to hear live, one day; and, one that will quickly become a treasured anthem by us.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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