13 things we miss about ‘Scream Queens’

It has been five months since Fox announced that Scream Queens had been cancelled after only two seasons. Although we are loving all of the cast’s new projects, we’re still feeling a big void in our horror hearts this Halloween season. Because of this, we have listed 13 of the reasons why we miss Scream Queens.

13 – The fashion

No one can deny the fabulous fashion trends Scream Queens created – we all wanted to look a little bit like the Chanels. Emmy-winning costume designer Lou Eyrich did an amazing job with creating a unique look for each individual character that still fit into the overall glamorous feel of the fashion.

Pssst… if you want to recreate any of the iconic looks from the show you can go to this website.

12 – The guest stars

Scream Queens had some of the best guests stars a show could ask for: Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and the late Alan Thicke who played Mr. Radwell have all starred on the show in memorable supporting roles.

11 – Chanel Oberlin’s awfulness

Although we all think Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) is hilarious, we can definitely admit that it’s in the awful, I-never-want-a-friend-like-her way. We can’t help but miss her moments of being a complete HBIC.

10 – Hilarious one-liners

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, who created the show, did a great job providing us with both smart and witty one-liners that we have been guilty of reusing since hearing them on the show (totally ironic and not serious, obvi).

9 – Crazy Hester

Psychopathic serial killer Hester (Lea Michele) may be one of the most intense characters on the show but we love her. One of the show’s highlights was seeing her antics, whether it was to seduce Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) and Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos) or keep the others on edge by not telling them who the Green Meanie was.

8 – The incurable diseases

Season two gave us an entirely new setting, which also made the way for some interesting new storylines. One of them was the incurable diseases that both entertained and informed the viewers as all of the diseases were taken from real life. Our favourite one was definitely the Foreign Accent Syndrome, where Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd), Dr. Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner), and Dr. Holt all got to show off their many fake accents.

We, sadly, couldn’t find a clip of it anywhere so instead we’re giving you a gif of Chanel crying, just like we’re doing right now.

7 – Relating to Chanel #5

It may seem like the entire world hates Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin), at least in the Scream Queens universe, but we sort of feel bad for the poor girl. Having friends that don’t care that you’ve almost died must suck. And we can totally relate to wanting to speak to the president of Tinder when getting zero matches – it happens to the best of us. So don’t worry, Chanel #5, we care about you.

6 – The original Scream Queen

Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t only bring confidence, humour, and classiness to the show by portraying Cathy Munsch; her entire presence was iconic in itself. Horror fanatics will know that she was the original scream queen – she got her big break by playing Laurie Strode in Halloween. One of our favourite scenes from the show is when she recreated her mother’s, Janet Leigh, famous shower scene from Psycho. That was truly a masterpiece.

5 – Special Agent Denise Hemphill

Even though we’re not quite sure how Denise (Niecy Nash) became a special agent so quickly, watching the hit television show Quantico can only get you so far, we’re not complaining. Whether it’s investigating mysterious murders, getting brought back from the dead, or detonating a bomb like Alex Parrish, Denise can do it all. We’re 100 % sure of one thing: she still has her eyes on ms. Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer).

4 – Music moments

One of our absolute favourite moments of all time was the ‘Waterfalls’ scene from the pilot. However, that’s not the only incredible music moment from Scream Queens. Who doesn’t remember the hilarious scene where Chad and the Dickie Dollar Scholars are trying to find the Red Devil with the Backstreet Boys playing in the background? You know, the scene where Caulfield gets his arms cut off just as the song goes “now throw your hands up in the air | wave them around like you just don’t care“.


3 – Guessing who the killer is

Each season gave us a different mystery to solve and we went all-in on the investigation. By making both the Red Devil and the Green Meanie more than one person, at least one of our theories were right. However, that doesn’t mean that we weren’t shocked when it was all revealed. One of the most shocking revelations came in the second season when Wes (Oliver Hudson) is revealed as a killer.

2 – Their Halloween costumes

Scream Queens had some great Halloween episodes and that, of course, brought us some even better costume ideas.


1 – Chanel-o-ween

Do we even need to tell you what we miss the most about Scream Queens this Halloween season? Chanel-o-ween is everything we love about both the show and pop culture all rolled into one horrifying and entertaining package. Even Ryan Murphy and Co. can’t bring back the show, can they at least give us this one tiny gift?

What do you miss the most about Scream Queens? And how are you celebrating Halloween this year? Let us know in a tweet @CelebMix.

Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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