Reasons why we shouldn’t be scared of the One Direction hiatus

As most of us know, the boys of One Direction will be taking a break after 5 years of being fully active. Even though all of them reassured us (multiple times), that they’ll come back, every 1D fan is somehow scared.

We’ve known that the break will last at least a year, so 2016 would be quite a chill year (well, not really). However, 1D’s Liam Payne revealed in an interview with Greg James on BBC Radio 1, that the break will probably last two years, or so, as he said: “We haven’t really had time to write an album and whereas two years off, writing’s not really a job, it’s so much fun. We’ve always had to rush it so it’s nice in these two years I’m going to write some songs and see what happens.”

This frightened us even more. Two years? How are we going to survive this?

Anyway, here are some of the reasong why we shouldn’t be scared of the hiatus.

The boys love their fans and they wouldn’t lie to us (if not necessary)

The boys always want us to know the truth, no matter what. The fact that their management sometimes doesn’t allow them to tell us what they want to tell us, saddens me a lot. In my opinion, though, even the managemen wouldn’t lie to people about them coming back.

They love their job

They always say how greatful they are to do this as a job. How they’re happy for the opportunity to see the world, to meet so many people they’ve never even dreamed of. How they love performing on stage, creating music and being appreciated by so many people. They wouldn’t just give this entire thing up.

We all are in this together

No matter if I mean 1D and the fans or just Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam. It’s about support. Directioners support their heroes with every fiber of their bodies and the boys are always here for us, their music is always here for us. They also support each other, well, of course they do, they’re best friends. When one of them is feeling down, the others are trying to make him feel better. They wouldn’t give up this either.

What do you think about the hiatus? Are you scared or are you okay with a two years long break? Leave a comment bellow!

Written by CelebMix