Recap: ‘The X Factor’ UK – Episode 7

It is hard to believe that ‘The X Factor’ auditions are nearing their climax for this year. As viewers, we have seen it all – emotional auditions, auditions that leave you speechless and definitely some unforgettable auditions – and it has been a memorable round of auditions. With a new panel for the series, comprising of Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson, Ayda Field-Williams and Robbie Williams, we love the new Judging line-up.

Here at CelebMix, we take a look back at the seventh episode of ‘The X Factor.’ Keep readhing to check out our recap of the episode!

The first audition shown in this particular episode was Sammi Shepherd, a singer who performs all over the country. She performed ‘Human’ and her performance was quite underwhelming and was cut short by Simon Cowell. When giving feedback on her performance, Robbie Williams said that ‘singing is not your thing.’ Sammi failed to make it through to the upcoming next round of the competition, Bootcamp.

Thirty-eight year old Cezar Ouatu was the next contestant to take to the stage. His voice was very operatic and carried him well through his audition. Before his performance was even completed, he had a full standing ovation from the Judges and audience. Louis Tomlinson said that his vocals were ‘impossible to comprehend’ and Simon Cowell described his performance as ‘special.’ He made it through to the next round, receiving four ‘Yes’ votes from the Judges.

The third audition shown in this episode was Louise Setara. When she was younger, she had received a record deal and gave up on music when she got married and had kids. Unfortunately, her marriage didn’t work out and she said she wanted to show her kids that dreams can be achieved, regardless of the circumstances. She performed a phenomenal original track, titled ‘A Moment Of You Time,’ showcasing her incredible voice and Louis Tomlinson commended her on her story-telling ability in her song-writing. She received four ‘Yes’ votes from the Judges.

Claire Angel – from Birmingham – has been singing professionally from the age of eighteen. She performed a moving and emotional rendition of ‘Change Is Gonna Come.’ Judge Ayda Field-Williams said that her audition ‘blew our minds and hearts’ and Simon Cowell said that she would inevitably ‘inspire people.’ She received four ‘Yes’ votes from the Judges, making it through to Bootcamp.

Panda Ross was the next audition shown. She auditioned for the American version of ‘The X Factor’ on several occasions, but unfortunately didn’t make it through. After explaining her unfinished business with Judge Simon Cowell, she performed a confident version of ‘Natural Woman.’ Louis Tomlinson said that during her performance, she was really ‘fighting for a place in the competition.’ She has made it through to the next round of the show.

Twenty year old Charlotte Lily performed an acoustic and stripped back version of ‘YMCA’ and ultimately, her originality made her one of the stand-out auditions from this episode. Simon Cowell described her audition as ‘wacky,’ but it would nevertheless be a memorable audition. She was commended by Robbie Williams for her originality. She got four ‘Yes’ votes from the Judges and we can’t wait to see more from her!

Gaia Cauchi, originally from Malta, performed a brilliant version of ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This.’ Mid-way through her performance, Robbie Williams stopped her performance, explaining that she was ‘incredibly charismatic,’ but felt that she was too young, however other members of the Judging line-up spoke about the potential they saw in the young performer. She received four ‘Yes’ votes from the Judges, making it through to Bootcamp!

Thirty-two year old Gingzilla performed ‘Seven Nation Army.’ Prior to his performance, Robbie Williams said that he was ‘deliciously confused.’ Their voice got deeper as their performance went on and they received a full standing ovation from the audience and Judges. Judge Ayda Field-Williams said that she ‘loved every single mad moment of that,’ with Simon Cowell saying that he ‘loved the energy.’ Gingzilla received four ‘Yes’ votes from the Judges.

The final audition of this episode was quite possibly one of the most moving auditions to date. Twenty-five year old J-Sol, from East London, performed an original track ‘Bullet In My Heart,’ in loving memory of his Mum, who heartbreakingly passed away several years ago. He received a standing ovation from the audience and Judges. All the Judges were very emotional and evidently touched by his performance, with Louis Tomlinson explaining the emotion as ‘the power of music.’ He received four ‘Yes’ votes from the Judges, making it through to Bootcamp.

‘The X Factor’ continues on ITV on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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Written by Rachel Dempster