A Recap of the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special 2016

Didn’t get the chance to watch? You don’t have to worry at all – we’re here to recap everything the special entailed.A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 1On Wednesday night, we dove into the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Swim Special that aired on CBS! It documented everyone’s favorite group of Angels and their work related vacation to the gorgeous St. Barth’s – with special performances by Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.

Let’s begin by the introduction of all 13 models who gave us insight on what being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is really like:A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 2

(from left to right): Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Elsa Hosk, Josephine Skriver, Sara Sampaio, Taylor Hill, Martha Hunt, Stella Maxwell, Lily Aldridge, Jasmine Tookes, Lais Ribeiro, Romee Stijd, and Vita Sidorkina. 

While photographers David Bellemere and Mario Testino shot some of the most gorgeous women in America, the special opened up with Josephine and Sara talking about their friendship; both on and off screen.

“It’s so easy and fun to shoot with Sara. We always have the best time!” – Josephine

A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 1

There were loads of laughs and giggles in-between takes, but the real key was when they were fiercely posing in front of the camera – their unconditional support for each other is both evidential and admirable. You’ll never get the feeling of it being like a competition, but more of a “take your best friend to work” day vibe. We believe that’s what makes their chemistry all the better – because once a camera is pointing at them, there’s a guarantee that no one will be left disappointed.

“She [Josephine] is so cute and sweet… but then all of a sudden she can also become all hot. Like REALLY hot.”

Well, Sara… we can’t say we disagree! Josephine recently became the newest Victoria’s Secret Angel and there’s no secret why – she’s absolutely gorgeous and photographs so well that even behind all of the sexy lingerie, her genuine heart shines as bright as her smile.

Afterwards, Demi hit the stage with “Cool For The Summer” as the models had some down time to enjoy themselves as well as each other. She also performed “For You” and “Confident” – never missing a single note while looking positively flawless. Maybe it’s just us, but we can’t help but feel overly proud of Demi every time she steps on a stage; her voice is one of a kind, just like her heart – and we are so happy of who she is and continues to become.


As the show carried on, the most recognizable face of Victoria’s Secret (and said to be the hottest woman on the planet) Candice Swanepoel, opened up about herself and experience over the years:

“I would say that I am an adrenaline junkie. I used to be fairly shy until I became a model. I still think it’s a big thing to put your body out there every day, but I feel like everyone’s rock n’ roll on this island.” A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 3

We were even informed on her and Behati Prinsloo’s friendship, as they’ve been part of the Victoria’s Secret family for just about an equal amount of time.

“I can look at her and know what she’s thinking.” – Behati 

“We always read each other’s inner dialogue.” – Candice A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 2But on a side note, can we take a second to talk about how perfect they photograph together?! It’s almost as if they were chemically made to compliment each other in every way possible. A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 8Even when they’re not trying…A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 4

Okay, we’re done now – promise!

Moving on, Nick Jonas arrived and smashed his performances of “Levels”, “Chains” and one of our all time favorites, “Jealous”. But that’s not all – he, Martha Hunt, and Elsa Hosk went for a little joy ride around the island which portrayed some breath-taking sights. He also refereed a Volleyball match between Behati, Taylor, Martha, and Sara. (It was quite entertaining, both for us and him!) A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 5A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 6And we certainly can’t forget about the awesome mini photoshoot he got to be part of. (We would totally be okay with Nick as a full time model. Just saying!) A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 7

There were a lot of moments throughout the special that retained the strength of the friendship within all of the girls. There was never a dull moment and you never saw them without smiles on their faces. We know what you’re thinking: “Sure they were always smiling, who wouldn’t be? They were in a gorgeous place!” but their authentic relationships are visible and something that would be pretty difficult to fake.

“Any time we know that Lily will be on set, you just know it’s going to be the best day ever.” – Elsa Hosk

“When we all see each other or are together, we’re like little girls. We get so excited.” – Lily Aldridge 

“Josephine is such an incredible, beautiful, and inspiring soul. Kind, ambitious, and positive. I love getting to work with her as well as be her friend.” – Taylor Hill

“[on Jasmine] She’s definitely the queen of sports. Just look at her body! It’s amazing.” – Sara Sampaio A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 9

We found it really cool hearing the girls speak out on their life before they got to where they are. One of the angels, Jasmine Tookes, even gave away a little unknown fact about herself; “I was a gymnast before I began to model. I used to compete a lot and if I had stayed for one more more year, then I would have began my training for The Olympics.” How amazing! Who would’ve thought?

Following Jasmine’s statement, Stella Maxwell opened up about her love for the “sexy shoots” – “It’s my first time here in St. Barth’s and I’m really excited. I never minded doing the sexy shoots because I like the feeling of being free when I work.” A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 10It was a wet, wild, and awesome ride for the Angels – and we definitely enjoyed the chance to get a glimpse of all the behind the scenes shenanigans.A Recap of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special 2016 11We have high hopes that (maybe) the next time the Victoria’s Secret family jet sets off to a gorgeous island, they could sneak us into their suitcases. (Excuse us while we heavily daydream of the thought).


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Written by Victoria Christiano

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