Your recap of week 4 in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Celebrity Big Brother has continued to provide us with top notch entertainment these past few weeks. Between Ann Widdecombe indulging in a chocolate biscuit and glass of wine in bed, to Andrew and Shane J/ Courtney’s friendship.

This week the Celebrity Big Brother house became divided, with the Boys going against the Girls once again. Both teams had to pick two housemates from the opposing side – unaware that they faced the impending back door eviction.

The Girls successfully won the task, and were therefore tasked with choosing which of the boys they would evict. John Barnes and Daniel O’Reilly were on the table, but the girls ultimately chose to send John home. He was then immediately evicted by Big Brother.

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After diary nominations took place – which seen all of the housemates participate (shock horror) – Genuwine was booted out of the house next, after a public vote, ending the showmance of the series with Ashley.

As if another eviction wasn’t enough for one week, Emma Willis announced that Friday’s show would see THREE housemates get the boot in a triple live eviction.

After another task which seen the Boys and Girls pitted against each other, the Girls won again, giving them the power to nominate. They nominated Shane J/ Courtney, Jonny, Andrew and Daniel.

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Viewers also claimed Andrew’s ‘mask had slipped’ this week when he lost his patience with Ann Widdecombe’s opinions and views, branding her a “btch” and a “cnt”.

The triple eviction arrived and Andrew, Jonny and Daniel were all evicted, with Shane J/ Courtney the only male to survive the cull.

During the live show we seen intruders break into the house, crashing the eviction, to Daniel getting down on one knee and PROPOSING live during his interview. And yes, she said yes!

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With just under a week to go until the finale, who will fall at the last hurdle? Who do you want to see win? Tweet us, @CelebMix!

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

Written by Alex Doyle

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