Red Velvet return with ‘RBB’ EP and spooky music video for ‘Really Bad Boy’

Red Velvet are back with their latest mini album RBB lead by their title track Really Bad Boy.

The RBB mini album combines their ‘red’ and ‘velvet’ concepts. Flitting between the mature, R ‘n’ B influenced So Good (which certainly lives up to its name), the sultry vocals infused with slight jazz and retro elements on Sassy Me and the incredibly infectious Taste, contrasts the upbeat, summery vibes from Butterflies. The use of their dual concept allows the best of Red Velvet to be pushed in this album, and it is arguably their best EP to date. The vocals across this EP, while only 5 songs long (excluding Really Bad Boy English version) allow each moment to shine vocally, and the harmonies So Good and lead track Really Bad Boy prove that Red Velvet are an incredibly strong vocal group and when performing live are certainly a powerful force.

Title track Really Bad Boy as previously mentioned, showcases the best of the girls vocally. Pitch perfect harmonies flutter among this track, making it such an easy listen. The instrumental mixes the girls’ signature ‘red’ and ‘velvet’ styles, opening with a trumpet and saxophone infused beat which remains persistent across the track, but mixing in pure pop elements to reinforce their dual concept.  Really Bad Boy features the girls most energetic and powerful choreography to date, with each move executed sharply and precisely. Which is reflected in the spooky and creepy music video, another area that is a staple for the girlgroup. Overall, the lead single embodies everything that Red Velvet are and continues to show that they are one of the most diverse KPOP groups.

You can watch the music video for Really Bad Boy below, and RBB is available for streaming on Spotify now. Let us know what you think about the single by tweeting the CelebMix account.

Written by Ellie Nicholas

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