Review: As It Is The Great Depression Tour

An incredible year continues for As It Is with The Great Depression tour featuring the biggest headline shows of their career. This Thursday they brought it to Birmingham which proved to be a fun energetic night for all.

As It Is have always put on a fantastic show and the new album era seems to have installed a new sense of confidence in the band adding something extra special to the energy of the night.

Holding Absence, Courage My Love and Trash Boat opened the show. All of which featuring fast energetic punk songs leaving a lasting impression on the crowd who increasingly warmed up throughout with plenty of crowd surfing and mosh pits already starting. It was clear that despite this been a mid-week show the Birmingham crowd was ready for some fun.

Then the moment everyone has been waiting for As It Is entering to a loud cheering crowd dramatically opening with the punchy ‘The Reaper’ supporting their new aesthetic to go with the album with everyone wearing all black except for frontman Patty Walters sporting a red suit.

All moments of the show had the crowd captivated and taking cue from the band, from the energetic  bouncing, crowd surfing and mosh pits for the faster songs such as to then the slower stripped back moments of the set with ‘ The Question, The Answer’ and ‘Still Remembering’ seeing members of the crowd jump onto each other’s shoulders, waving torches, hugging and holding hands. It’s clear for anyone to see just what a connection that As It Is has with its fans truly creating a special moment.

The setlist felt like a perfect mix of the new and old material and despite the drastic sound change with ‘The Great Depression’ nothing seemed out of place all flowing together to create a strong and rememberable set. In between songs the band takes time to thank the fans for there support of the year. With Patty also commenting he had made a new friend with one of the security members after spotting him handing out tissues and hugs in slower songs stressing that they want their shows to be a safe place for everyone.  

The band doesn’t falter at all with a strong encore of the classic fan favourite ‘Dial Tones’ which has been there closing song until this era and ending with ‘The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry)’ an emotional track but still causing a big bang ending the night perfectly as the crowd of fans pour out the venue excitingly chatting about the night it’s clear that there is still so much to come in the future for As It Is.

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Written by Charlotte Freeman-Coates

21 year old journalism student who loves music and travelling.
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