Review: Aston Merrygold ‘Precious’ EP

Aston Merrygold has released his debut EP ‘Precious’ featuring five original songs: ‘Precious’ (featuring Shy Carter), ‘Distraction,’ ‘The Favourite,’ ‘When a Woman Breaks a Man’s Heart,’ ‘You Me And The Moon’ and an acoustic version of ‘Precious’ (featuring Shy Carter).

Aston is best known for being a member of British boy band sensation JLS, along with other members JB Gill, Oritse Williams and Marvin Humes. The group disbanded at the end of 2013 to focus on their own solo projects.

Aston went on to release singles such as ‘Get Stupid,’ ‘Too Late’ and ‘One Night In Paris.’ In addition to the release of his EP, Aston is doing several headline shows around the UK at the start of May – performing in Manchester, Birmingham and London. If you haven’t already got tickets, they can be bought here.

Here at CelebMix, we review Aston’s debut EP ‘Precious.’ Check it out below!

1. ‘Precious’ (featuring Shy Carter)

This track is an excellent way to begin the EP! Aston recently released a video for ‘Precious’ (featuring Shy Carter) – which you can watch below. As the track was released a couple of weeks before the EP, it gave fans a preview of Aston’s new sound and allowed fans to eagerly anticipate what could be expected from the EP. For the track, Aston worked with Shy Carter – an American singer-songwriter who has worked with artists such as Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo and Charlie Puth.

2. ‘Distraction’

‘Distraction’ is a track that contrasts significantly to the first song off the EP, and highlights Aston’s various sounds that are well demonstrated in this EP. This track provides the opportunity for Aston to show off his vocal abilities and the use of instruments throughout the song adds to this. ‘Distraction’ is a cheeky and raunchy song, while at the same time remaining very upbeat – it has a funky vibe to it!

3. ‘The Favourite’

‘The Favourite’ is a track that you can’t resist dancing along to! The track has an excellent lead-up to the chorus, and within the song, there are several different dynamics. Hearing Aston adopt many different sounds throughout the EP is endearing, and shows how dynamic and versatile he is as an artist.

4. ‘When A Woman Breaks A Man’s Heart’

This song is incredible, and the lead-up to the chorus is again absolutely brilliant. ‘When A Woman Breaks A Man’s Heart’ has quite an old-sounding vibe to it, however, Aston manages to add a modern twist to the song. His vocals in this song are again absolutely phenomenal, emphasising his vocal abilities.

5. ‘You Me And The Moon’

‘You Me And The Moon’ is one of the slower and acoustic-sounding tracks from the EP. The track allows Aston to showcase his incredible vocal skills and his high notes in this song are unbelievable! There is a nice steady beat to the song, making it quite intimate and romantic.

6. ‘Precious’ (featuring Shy Carter) – Acoustic

The acoustic version of ‘Precious’ is incredible and we love it! Along with ‘You Me And The Moon,’ this acoustic version of the first track from the EP presents a slower sound and is a good way to end the EP. This track also allows the opportunity for Aston to again show off his vocal capabilities which we love!

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Written by Rachel Dempster