Review: Bring Me The Horizon at O2 Academy Birmingham

A Bring Me The Horizon gig at 3pm? Really?

Yes really. And it’s called a matinee.

Bring Me The Horizon have been playing shows all over Europe, and more recently have been blowing eardrums (not literally) up and down the UK.

Initially they were only scheduled to play the one gig in Birmingham on Sunday 29th November, but due to high demand, they added an extra show during the day.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was the matinee show.

I’ve been to a Bring Me The Horizon show before, so I’m no stranger to the level of intensity they bring after dark. But I’ve not been to a Bring Me The Horizon matinee show before, where the sun has yet to even set.

It was definitely an experience to see everyone lose their minds at three in the afternoon.

The lads did not disappoint and most definitely gave it all they got, with their speakers turned up to 11.  Despite it being early afternoon, the mosh pits were messy and there was a lack of personal space, which I suppose is everything you could wish for from BMTH.

But I forgot all of this in the midst of passionately shouting the lyrics back at frontman Oli Sykes. (Desperately hoping he’d spot me in the crowd.)

It is very unlikely that they shortened the setlist because it was a matinee, but regardless, each song choice was on point.

The song order went as follows:

Happy Song
Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake
The House Of Wolves
Chelsea Smile
Shadow Moses
True Friends
Can You Feel My Heart?
Blessed With A Curse

The crowd lost it as soon as the first note of Doomed started and only got progressively more energetic as the set carried on.

The mix between albums was very good and whilst they didn’t play my favourite song from That’s The Spirit (“Follow You”, if you’re wondering), I was ecstatic when I heard the intro to “Chelsea Smile“.

It was good to hear that they incorporated songs from their prior albums in amongst their newer material.

Doing this, in my opinion, definitely helped bridge the gap between new and old fans, with everyone having a song to mosh to.

The guys certainly knew how to keep a crowd on their toes as there was never a quiet moment, and even whilst transitioning from one song to the next the crowd was still buzzing.

It’s been a while since I saw BMTH play live, but it never gets old. If anything I’m beginning to realise I’m too old to stand.

If you missed them this time around, Bring Me The Horizon are set to play a one off show at the Royal Albert Hall with all proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

You can find out ticket information here. They’ll be going on sale December 4th.


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Written by CelebMix