Review: Busted ‘Night Driver’ Tour, Belfast

The ‘Night Driver’ tour has almost come to an end, after visiting various cities around the UK. Busted – made up of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson – brought their tour to Belfast, and it was certainly a night to remember!

Having been to the ‘Pigs Can Fly’ tour in 2016, we expected big things from the trio – and they did not disappoint! For this tour, the band were in a smaller venue, which of course means reduced production, however, the band made the most of what they had.

A band called Natives – made up of members James, Andy, Jack and Greg – were the band’s support act. They really got the crowd going and set the mood for Busted. You can check them out on Twitter here.

After a brief interval, it was time for Busted. The atmosphere in the room was electric, and the simplicity of the band’s entrance added to the excitement. The staging was relatively basic, but it suited the band really well and didn’t detract from their performance in the slightest. The band started with ‘Kids With Computers’ and in their set, sang old classics such as ‘Sleeping With The Light On,’ ‘Air Hostess’ and ‘Who’s David’ – among many others.

As much as the band did old classics, they also sang songs from their most recent album ‘Night Driver’ – including ‘New York,’ ‘On What You’re On,’ and several others.

Impressively, the band played every song using either a guitar or a keyboard, with several musicians in the background also supporting the trio with various instruments as they sang.

Towards the end of their set, they played one of the songs they are best known for – ‘Year 3000.’ Every single person in the room was singing and dancing along and as much as security had tried to keep everyone in their seats up to this point, they admitted defeat!

James, Matt and Charlie then came out for an encore – made up of ‘What I Go To School For,’ ‘Coming Home’ and rounding up their set with ‘Those Days Are Gone.’

The band thanked everyone there for their constant support and for buying, streaming and listening to the album because it then meant that they could continue to do what they love.

Overall, the tour was absolutely brilliant. The trio put on a true performance, and we can’t wait to hear more music from them in the future and hopefully see them live again soon!

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Written by Rachel Dempster