Review: Gavin James at Bowery Ballroom

Gavin James made his New York debut at the legendary Bowery Ballroom last night.

While he’s not a huge name yet, he is making waves with his self-titled album and hit song “Bitter Pill.” He’s no stranger to playing America to play a famous venue in New York, but it’s a definitely a step way up. Luckily for everyone, Gavin did not disappoint.

Review: Gavin James at Bowery Ballroom 3

The Irish singer blew the mixed-aged crowd away with his wit and perfect voice. Gavin, who is easily a representation of pure Irish charm, couldn’t fight the smiles that kept escaping.

He made the crowd feel at ease from the get go. If a career in music doesn’t work out, he surely does well as a comedian.

A hi-light of the night was Gavin’s rendition of “It’s a wonderful world” as Louis Armstrong, but somehow managed to turn into a Cookie Monster/Chewbacca impersonation. The whole crowd ate it up and it put a fun spin on a rather drab Monday night.

Obviously, no one went to see him for his comedic chops (or maybe they did?) they came to see him perform his soulful-folkish-Irish pub intoxicating music.

His set included the whole of his debut album that could intoxicate anyone. His voice is as perfect as it is on the record without even the tiniest hint of change from the record. We’ll admit hearing “The Book of Love” and “Remember Me” live had us pretty emotional.

Gavin also adds a touch of classic to his performance with two covers.

First with “You Don’t Know Me” by the late great Ray Charles. The reductional was sweet and simple, and he also added a touch of intimacy by jumping into the middle of the crowd to perform the song.

The Bowery was dead quiet which is pretty new for a very loud New York. His second ended the performance with the help of his openers Matt Simmons and Brian McGovern.

The trio sang a rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” which is always a crowd pleaser. Everyone left on such a high and he guaranteed everyone in that room to be fans for life.

Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.