Review: Little Mix Signing and Show

I am unbiased, but Little Mix are the darn best girl group in the world.

Having met the girls three times before (“You’re beautiful. I remember I told you that last time.” Perrie Freaking Edwards); seeing them preform live twice (floor seats) and having a video of them saying “Hi -insert name here-! We love you!” from a friend; I can say, I REALLY like Little Mix…and they like me.

When Little Mix cancelled their US tour to work on an album…nicely put, I was mad. A year later, it’s water under the bridge and here is a new album and new opportunity to see Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade.

The X Factor winners had an album signing at a mall in New York on album release day, November 6, 2015! Little Mix were clad in 70s style clothes. Overalls, vests, white pants, oh my!

Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy, preformed TWO songs (“Black Magic” and “Love Me Like You”) acoustic; just their angelic voices and a guitar. My jaw never fails to hit the floor when Little Mix sing. They are absolutely flawless. This was no exception.

As for the album signing, it was your typical no posed photos, no album personalization, no fun, if you breathe their air security will push you, event.

Actually actual things said to me by Little Mix during the CD signing:

Jade: “Hi”

Jesy: “Hi”

Leigh-Anne: “Hi, I love your fringe.”

Perrie: “You’re gorgeous. I love your fringe.” “I love you so much”

I may or may not be writing this from my grave.


Perrie Edwards.

All in all, it was a grand event and I’ll certainly see my gals Little Mix again.

1. Little Mix is unfortunately not looking for a fifth member…but I think I’m getting closer by the day to be the baby spice-esque member. Will keep you updated.

2. Fringe = bangs = hair makes your forehead go undercover

Written by CelebMix