Meghan Trainor
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Review: Meghan Trainor’s sassy new album ‘Treat Myself’ is exactly what we’ve been waiting for

Meghan Trainor has finally released her new album ‘Treat Myself, and it’s filled with 15 iconic tracks which everyone will love. Meghan was going to release her third album during the summer last year, but ultimately put it on hold as she wanted to add more songs to it.

The album is filled with motivational songs with true meaning, offering a new pop R&B style which sounds light and upbeat. Songs like ‘Treat Myself’ and ‘Another Opinion’ convey to people that you don’t need to fake it, just be you. Don’t feel scared to put yourself out there; focus on you and your happiness. This is a strong message throughout the album, and one that we’re totally here for.

Meghan has always been a woman full of encouragement, class and confidence. She showed these qualities in her previous songs such as ‘All About That Bass’ and ‘Lips are Movin’, and it’s great to see that she’s carried on the theme of being a bold and sassy queen through new songs including ‘No Excuses’, ‘Blink’, ‘Babygirl’ and ‘Wave’. These songs are all about girl-power and showing the real you.

As well as being true to yourself we also love the songs that we can dance to. Tracks such as ‘Funk’, ‘Genetics’, and ‘Evil Twin’ will get you up on your feet and dance like nobody is watching.

Speaking of cheerful music which you can dance to; one of the album’s highlights is ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ which features rap queen Nicki Minaj. Along with the release of the album, Meghan has unveiled the music video for the fan favourite song.

The new music video shows Meghan in a workplace singing about confidence and having a joyful time. During the song, she tells everybody that ‘You know ain’t nobody perfect’. These lyrics are very powerful and it teaches people that you can be whoever you want to be in this society and you shouldn’t let anyone pull you down. The music video is also inspired by one of Meghan’s favourite films from 1988, ‘Working Girl’.

The album also has an uplifting vibe, with songs such as ‘Ashes’, ‘After You’ and ‘Workin on It’ really speaking to the heart. The songs show that you should be good to yourself and focus on making progress. Of course, with the album full of emotive songs, there is a touch of love in songs such as ‘Have You Now’ and ‘Here to Stay’.

Treat Myself is an inspirational release from Meghan Trainor and we love how.. During her recent Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, she told Dr Phil about how the album came about following being in the ‘red zone of anxiety’. It’s therefore great to see her speak out about her struggles, creating relatable music which can be enjoyed by all.

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Written by ChloeBishop