REVIEW: Sarah Darling’s ‘Divide’ ft Ward Thomas

This coming Friday, November 22nd US country music sweetheart Sarah Darling will share her brand new single ‘Divide’. The track was inspired by the stunning Rocky Mountain national park landscape after a hike with her British husband.

Speaking about the songs inspiration, Sarah said: “This past April I was hiking with my husband in Rocky Mountain National Park. As I was standing at the continental divide, I felt something come over me. I realized that I was standing at a high elevation in America, and that would determine which direction water would run down the mountain. It would divide and go it’s separate ways to the ocean. I started to think of relationships in my own life, the way the world is, and it felt like such a beautiful metaphor for how life works out. Sometimes people or situations come into your life and you have to let them go. Other times, you see that person down the road, and you realize that time worked all things out. So many things in life divide to come back together again. I’m so grateful to have written this with Jessica Sharman and Cheyenne Medders.”

Fans who have seen Darling live across the UK this summer during the festival season will be familiar with the track, but the new studio version will give them a fresh new sound.

The single release features guest vocals from the record-making UK country crossover duo Ward Thomas, a breathtaking production from Cheyenne Medders and brand new chant verses which elevate the track to heady new heights.

‘Divide’ is a divine country infused hit that puts Sarah Darling’s angel like vocals at the forefront whilst the almost electronic melodic production combined with strings means it sounds like nothing else on the radio right now.

The added background vocals from Ward Thomas meanwhile create a truly mesmerising three-piece harmony that will have fans falling in love with the country acts like never before.

With lyrics about letting go in order to find out if its meant to be will no doubt strike a chord with listeners worldwide and sonically it will leave them being transported to the inspirational Rocky Mountain landscape.

There are few artists that have the rare ability to take listeners to the heart of the lyrical story quite like Sarah Darling can do. She literally paints pictures through her songs and creates mini movies via her music like nobody else on the scene right now.

Overall ‘Divide’ is a breathtaking piece of harmony and lyrical Heaven that will take you to beautiful and inspirational places. You can listen via BBC Radio 2 ahead of its November 22nd release.


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Written by Laura Klonowski

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