Review: The Lumineers at O2 Brixton Academy

Review: The Lumineers at 02 Brixton Academy 2

The Lumineers, who are celebrating there second album release, played the 02 Brixton Academy on Sunday night to a sold out crowd. The folk-blusey-pop band made a splash a few years back with there hit “Ho Hey” off their self-titled album. This tour is to promote there second album Cleopatra, a treasure trove of folk ballads and heartfelt melodies. So to no surprise the concert was filled with the same sentiment.

Review: The Lumineers at 02 Brixton Academy 1

A band with few words, didn’t let a song go unplayed without that energy you feel the first time you heard them. While the performance didn’t have a normal structure of hit, unknown song, then hit again, the band sure knows how to keep its audience in the moment. The crowd was silent, intensely listening then singing every word the next. At one point, Wesley Schultz, lead singer/guitar , asked the crowd to put cameras away and without hesitation everyone did. It just shows how commanding there presence truly is. They even had One Direction’s Niall Horan in the audience. Niall who tweeted some lyrics from the song “Cleopatra,” also uploaded an image of the band on stage.

“Had the pleasure of watching one of my favourites last night . Up there with the best live bands you’ll see . Incredible musicianship. @thelumineers . Class act”

They were fine tuned and sounded as perfect as they do on there records. Almost every song off there two albums were played to the delight of every single member in the audience. And the thrill never knowing what they would play next kept everyone on their toes. There bluesy/folk sound bringing something different to that table in a  world filled with eerily similar sounds. At Brixton, The Lumineers showed that not only is this album bound to be a classic but they as a band are here to stay.

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.