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REVIEW: Why Don’t We Return To London For The Last Date of Tour

For the past month, Why Don’t We has travelled Europe with the 8 Letters tour. From Sweden to Germany and then finally bringing it across to the UK where it came to an end in London.

We had the opportunity to experience the last date of the tour at the Eventim Apollo, London. The lights went down and out came the first support act, Denis Coleman. The whole place was on their feet showing their support to this new and upcoming artist. Once Denis had finished his set, he introduced the following support artist. EBEN bounced on stage to his opening song called ‘Next Ex’ and continued the party that Denis had started. With his upbeat songs, the crowd were going wild for more.


Next came the main event, the reason the Limelights had flooded into London arena. The lights went down, the fan frenzy began and intense screaming echoed around the venue! The show began with Harry Potter styled letters flying across the screen, the boy’s names on envelopes that were acceptance letters into ‘The Wonderful World Of Why Don’t We’. This creative backdrop set the vibe for their opening hit song ‘Trust Fund Baby.’


Fans had the opportunity to hear new songs from the album live for the first time, which was a special moment for them. ‘Choose’, ‘Hard’, ‘Friends’, and ‘In Too Deep’ were the songs chosen and fans were ecstatically singing along. Of course, some of the old classics appeared such as ‘Taking you’ and ‘I Depend On You’ which is always comforting to hear. Well, thought out choreography and creative graphics complimented the songs and fans were constantly left gobsmacked and wanting more. There were occasional pauses when the boys left the stage to change outfits but whilst they did, the big screens showed a beautiful video looking back over the years!  The band raced back to the stage to perform the popular hit song ‘Something Different’.


The boys continued their tradition of having mashups halfway through. It consisted of ‘Taste, Finesse, Lucid Dreams, Middle Child’ and ‘Better Now’. These perfectly synced songs created an atmosphere that was electric. Big moments of energy naturally occur during the more amped-up hits!

For the past 10 months, the band have released a new single each month, when the audience heard the start of any of these songs the atmosphere became stronger and the Limelights sang at the top of their voices.

‘Big Plans’ had blueprints as a backdrop on the screen, followed by ‘Come To Brazil’ flashing up the colours of the flag to accompany the song. The beat to ‘Unbelievable’ started and fans jumped for joy, screaming louder than ever as the song began.  When it finished,  the boys said quick goodbyes and left the stage, but the Limelights weren’t ready for it to end. There was excitable anticipation for more and loud cheers for an encore.

Daniel Seavey walked back followed by the rest of the boys as the music began for ‘I don’t belong in this club’ – feat. Macklemore. His part was shown on the video scenes behind the boys. They all crouched at the front of the stage singing closely with fans before the chorus boomed in and the boys got the crowd whipped up, the fans lapped up the last few songs! Their final song was an acoustic version of “What Am I’ They all played instruments and beautifully harmonised this massive hit! Corbyn Besson also gave his fans some inspiring words and expressed his and the band’s gratitude for their adoring fans! This was a really nice touch. The acoustic set has had a great response on social media with fans really pleased this well put together and heartfelt interchange of vocals was featured in the show.

As the band said a final goodbye and thanks, they took a bow and deafening screams of adulation could be heard and felt around the room.

The band has a few days off now before the last leg of this tour which continues in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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Written by Sofia Esposito

I'm a fun loving, music and film fanatic. I love makeup and fashion! I enjoy going out to concerts, fanfests, meet ups and I'm never too far from a cool cafe, record shop or library!