Rising star Astraea stuns in music video for ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’

London-based producer and songwriter Astraea has released the stunning video for ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’ in support of the single. Written and produced by Astraea alone, the song tackles the emotions that come with being isolated from those you love, and takes inspiration from a long tradition of solo female acts in whose footsteps Astraea follows proudly.

A tender, piano-driven ballad, ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’ is unashamedly tender and vulnerable, yet holds an inner strength in the wild abandon of its delivery. The vocal delivery will remind listeners of Kate Bush with its passion and recklessness, a comparison made all the more strong when taking into account the fact that Bush was also a solo female act whose talents alone led to her chart success (it’s also her birthday on 30th July!)

The video sees Astraea in sunlight fields, channeling her inner Bush and frolicking amongst trees, tall grasses and in the white foam on the edge of the ocean on a deserted beach. It’s a beautiful video, shot in lockdown and illustrating perfectly the boundlessness of a loving partnership. 

You can watch the video below and follow Astraea on social media @astraeamusica to find out more!

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Written by Emma

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