Professional photo with Vina Rose posing in front of a grey brick wall, with her left hand on her hip. Her black hair is tied up into a bun, and she is wearing a black dress which is sectioned in parts and held together with white string.

Rising Star Vina Love Sets Sights on Even More Success in 2023

With her sights set on an even more productive 2023, Vina Love has been making waves in the music industry. Hailing from Harlem, this multi-talented artist has earned several monikers, including the “Princess of Harlem” and the “Princess of R&B and Soul”, and has a long list of accomplishments at just a young age. She’s a singer, dancer, songwriter, video producer and actress, and is one of the youngest black women to own her own recording label, Amoré Love Records.

Vina Love has performed alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, including Ashanti, Megan Thee Stallion, Ja Rule, Fat Joe and many others. She grew up in Harlem and attended the Manhattan Theatre Lab High School and the American Music and Dramatic Academy, which has helped shape her into the performer she is today.

Her father, Kid Capri, is a renowned DJ, producer, and musician who has been active since the 1970s and inducted into the Bronx Hall of Fame. He’s proud of Vina Love’s musical accomplishments, and they have also performed together and collaborated on projects in the past. They were both a part of the reality show “Growing Up Hip Hop NY”, and Vina Love appeared as a special guest rapper and singer on his album “The Love” and hit single “Uptown”.

Vina Love’s first single, “Air”, was released in 2017, and was later remixed by Snoop Dogg. Other singles that she has released include “Drip”, “Owe Me”, “NFS”, and “My City”. Last spring, she released “Options” which was praised due to its women’s empowerment theme. The song encourages women to know their own worth and value, to never settle, and to prioritize self-love above all else.

Her latest single is “My City”, which was written by Vina Love and produced by Motif Alumni, continues her empowering lyrical theme from her previous song “Options” as she stuns us with her beautiful voice that is full of so much soul and R&B vibes. Her vocal runs are incredible as she describes the start of what could be a long-distance relationship and she’s inviting him to her city, only he’s acting distant. Vina Love knows exactly how incredible she is and refuses to let a guy flake on her – let’s be honest, anyone who looks past you certainly isn’t worth your time, and Vina Love is making that clear in this song.

Stream the latest single from Vina Love titled “My City” on Spotify here:

In the coming year, fans can expect even more music and projects from Vina Love as she continues to release music and make a name for herself with her incredible voice, lyricism, and songwriting abilities.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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