‘Riverdale’ Core Four take on Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia

Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead traded in the maple syrup-covered mysteries of Riverdale for a weekend in the City of Brotherly Love.

The beloved cast, made up of KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, accompanied a star-studded number of pop culture phenomenons from past and present at Philadelphia’s 2017 Wizard World Comic Con.

Between photo ops and autograph signings, hundred of fans lined up to get their revitalizing conversations and selfies with the popular foursome, who were at the convention promoting Riverdale, an Archie-based drama series that debuted on The CW earlier this year. During their informative panel discussion on Saturday afternoon, the cast disclosed that they do not heavily rely on the comics to embrace their characters.

“I personally don’t really look back to the comics as much.” Reinhart confessed. “Betty I feel is very, very different. She’s kind of like this gullible, naive girl who lets a man walk all over her a little bit and the fact that our Betty is not that way is something I’m proud of.”

Reinhart added that her, Mendes and Apa grew up without an ounce of familiarity of the Archie comics and because of this, had a “blank slate” coming into such a prosperous project. Of course they familiarized themselves with their fresh roles; however, were really able to breed these three dimensional characters on their own and with the help of Riverdale‘s talented writers and creators.

Last month, speculation flew around social media that the show’s creative team would be introducing Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a cast addition for season two, who may or may not be played by Dove Cameron. While addressing these ongoing rumors, the quartet claimed to be “pretty in the dark” when it comes to whether or not there will be a new face in their inexplicable town.

“There’s been talk about Sabrina, but we don’t even really know,” Apa shared. “I don’t think we even know if it’s gonna happen or not. But, I think the fans of the comics especially would really love that and I think it would be fun for us too.”

“Finding a brand new character in the comics is kind of an interesting dilemma,” added Sprouse in terms of who we should expect to see break out of the cartoon strips and onto our television screens next. “We’re already such a massive regular ensemble and it’s about doing the characters justice and having enough time to sort of talk about the storylines properly.”

Most recently, Mark Consuelos was added to the substantial cast. The former All My Children actor will play the role of Hiram Lodge, whose fresh out the slammer post-financial scandal and ready to rekindle with Hermione and Veronica. Mendes addressed the return of her father and where their relationship will stand.

“I think there’s gonna be a lot of tension because I think Veronica resents Hiram for everything that he’s put her though. But, at the same time, we have a great storyline with Hiram and Archie and there’s going to be a rivalry there just like there is in the comics and I know somehow Veronica is going to be caught in the middle of that.” Mendes specifically called the upcoming enmity between her dad and current on-screen lover “juicy.”

Several key characters from Riverdale‘s first season have also been upgraded to a more prevalent role moving forward after an unsettling finale that cracked open new doors. Kevin Keller, who is portrayed by Casey Cott, was just promoted to a series regular. Fans can also count on seeing more of Skeet Ulrich, as his character FP Jones will be receiving more camera time as well.

The cast showcased a great deal of chemistry as they answered a few fun, fan-based questions during the event- from lip-locking scenes, to who they are romantically rooting for. (Bughead fans, you’re going to want to hear this!) Check out some clips and highlights we captured from the panel discussion below.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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