Robin Twist, Harry Styles’ Step Father, Passes Away at 57

When tragedy strikes, it can be impossible to find the right words to say. Sometimes all you can do is offer your love and support. So right now, that’s what we’re doing for Harry Styles, his mother Anne, sister Gemma, and step-siblings from his mother’s marriage with Robin Twist.

Robin fought a brave battle against cancer for a long time, and we recently learned that he passed away from the disease at age 57.

When Anne and Robin married in 2013, Harry walked his mother down the aisle and stood proudly as Robin’s best man. Photos from the ceremony circulated online and it was an absolutely gorgeous ceremony. Robin and Anne recently celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary and the years they spent together will never lose their beauty.

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In a statement released to the media, the family broke the news and asked for privacy during this difficult time.

Harry’s stepfather, Robin Twist, sadly passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. The family asks for privacy at this time.

Robin was a large part of Harry’s life and their bond began long before the two were actually married. Robin came into their lives when Harry was about 12, so Robin was there for all of the big moments. He was there when Harry needed a steady and positive male influence during those critical years growing up and he was there for Harry when he auditioned for X Factor and then he became part of the lives of Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis as well.

Today, while Harry and his family were keeping themselves surrounded by love and support, the boys showered them with public displays of that support, and no doubt private ones as well. It’s a loss that they all experienced, each of them describing Robin as an incredible person.

Niall said Robin was the most generous guy anyone would ever meet and that he always kept a smile, even while battling cancer. He sent his love to Harry and his family.

Liam called Robin a gentle and beautiful soul, saying it was rare to find someone like him in today’s world. He followed up with ‘sometimes they really do take the best of us far too soon’.

Louis followed up with calling Robin a lovely, kind, and funny guy and sending all of his love to Harry’s entire family. He also sent out a tweet for Robin saying ‘You’ll be missed mate :(‘

Death doesn’t steal the memories and love that a person leaves behind with those who loved them, but it’s never easy to lose anyone important, and it’s clear to everyone how important Robin was to every person he met. He always wore a smile, the kind that could cheer you up on your darkest day. He was genuine and inviting and compassionate, he was kind and funny and more than that, he enjoyed life. He lived to the fullest every single day and he always found ways to give back. He was involved in a number of charities with Anne, most benefiting those who suffered from the very disease that took his life.

Many people are wondering how to give back right now, and one of those ways is to donate to Action Against Cancer, an initiative that Robin worked with closely. You can also spread awareness as you donate, or in leiu of donations, you can share an act of kindness, call someone you love and remind them that they’re important, and you can live your life the way Robin did. With so much light, kindness, and joy that your life will inspire others to live the best way that they can, too.

We’re sending all of our love to Harry, Anne, Gemma, Mike, Amy, and everyone who knew and loved Robin. May you feel him in each of your days and know that he was a man who lived a great life, and a life full of the love he gave out and the love he received.


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