5SOS World Tour: Five highlights so far

The 5SOS boys have set off on their world tour reaching to most parts of the world. I know a lot of us have been keeping our updates on what’s been going on but for those who have missed out here are some of the highlights from the tour so far!

1. Michaels Pyro Disater

Now I’m sure a lot of us heard about this because it was pretty much everywhere. But for those who haven’t been around, our favourite little punk rocker during the London leg of the tour was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and the fire they used during their song She Looks So Perfect hit him in the face and burnt his hair and around his eye. However, do not fret Michael was up and running again after just an hour tweeting a photo saying

‘What the fucks up. Sorry I couldn’t finish the encore, but at least I look like two face. Thanks for worrying every1 x’

2. The Dogepocalypse

On the 24th of June after the boys were in a car extremely tired and jet lagged, Mr Calum Hood simply decided he wanted to change up his Twitter and make himself the ‘Doge Official’ which spurted a number 1 world wide trend of the hashtag #dogefamily. Michael was the last in on the joke however in our opinion took centre stage in making himself ‘Magestic Doge’

3. Talks about the new album

In a recent interview the boys let some exclusives about the new album, Ashton said ‘don’t expect the same as last album’ This excited us very much. Luke carried on and said the last album was written when they were a lot younger over a longer time frame, where as this one was written over 3 months with the boys in a house together writing what they felt at that time.

4. Stop offs

Festival vibes hit the boys as they performed at Radio Ones Big Weekend in Norwich on the 23rd of May. Luke, Michael and Calum were seen watching most of the acts from side stage and Ashton was wandering around the site with rumoured girlfriend model Bryana Holly.

5. Michaels hair changes

So far Michael has only changed his hair 4 times this tour going from having white, to blue and white, to blue and then finally his current hair colour of black. No doubt it won’t be much longer till he changes it up again so make sure you keep an eye out for what’s going to be next.

Written by CelebMix