Rogue One: A New Trailer and A New Poster

Let us just warn you now — if you’re trying to avoid any and all types of spoilers for Rogue One, then you should probably avoid this post all together. However, if you already know some of the details behind the film, and it’s chronology, then this shouldn’t come across as surprising.

If you’re avoiding spoilers, stop now.

With that being said, let’s get this show on the road.

Following the epic first trailer of the Rogue One film, Star Wars fans have been patiently waiting for some more information and shots from the new film to the saga. Considering that the trailer is beautiful and wonderful and magnificent — we feel that it’s important to rewatch the trailer now.


And then we got a new movie poster.

New Rogue One Trailer Is Coming Our Way 1

And here’s where we can all geek out together — details from the new trailer.

Now, considering we don’t have actual footage from the trailer, we do know that the people who managed to watch the trailer at the Celebration managed to go online and reveal details about the trailer — specifically details about the (terrific, magnificent, wonderful) end of it.


And then some more people confirmed this…

And then the internet seemed to combust with the news…



And then we discovered that the ACTUAL trailer wasn’t available to the rest of us so we just kinda…

But then we were kinda, sorta relieved when the Star Wars Twitter account released some Behind-the-Scenes footage — which has some insanely beautiful shots from the film.

Give us the trailer!

But going back to the Darth Vader thing — we’re not actually that surprised. Considering we knew that Rogue One took place before the events of A New Hope, we figured Darth Vader was going to still be alive while this movie took place. This is amazing because we haven’t seen Darth Vader in soooo long and now we finally get to witness the amazingness in some extremely high definition. scream

Rogue One hits theaters December 16, 2016 and that is still some time away. sad face emoji


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