Roma Osowo: An Emerging Abstract Artist from the British Virgin Islands Who Paints With a Love of Color and Pattern

Born in the British Virgin Islands, abstract artist Roma Osowo, is exposed to the beauty of the ocean, vibrant sceneries and beautiful landscapes. With a passion in the arts, Osowo has grown to pursue a career as a full-time abstract painter where she gets to share her narrative through her impressionistic imagery. 

Most of her pieces now are abstract artwork that are majorly influenced by her upbringing as both a Christian and a British Virgin Islander, “This is reflected through my color choices that are bright and joyful.” Osowo shared, “I have a personal relationship with God. For me, my very existence is by his grace. It’s so much more important to me to honor that.” “During my hiatus from painting, I always had a strong feeling that there was something I was supposed to be doing, but had no clue what that was, and didn’t even consider painting as a possible path forward. I.prayed for many years that God would reveal to me what that something was, which He did.  I have to honor Him in my work because without Him, I wouldn’t be given this opportunity to carry out my passion again.” 

Full of life, vibrant, warm, and inviting, are the words that the Artist used to describe her culture. When asked why she chose to do abstract, Osowo emphasizes the importance of the viewer’s experience, “I love to give the viewers opportunity to interpret art on their own. There are some healing elements to that. It gives the viewer room to complete the story they need to see from my artwork,” Osowo explained. 

The Abstract Artist uses mostly acrylic and mixed media. Inspiration for her paintings. Osowo would get a visual that would prompt her to paint on a canvas, “for the most part I just paint a layer and respond to what I see.” 

On top of that, Osowo grew up with an interest in patterns. “I’m attracted to patterns,” she said, “Patterns in the use of color, in cultures, in people and human behaviors… and it shows in a lot of my artwork.”  

Some of her biggest advice for emerging artists includes, “Always do what feels the most authentic to you,” the Artist shared, “A lot of artists are struggling to find their ‘style’. As an emerging artist myself, I’d like to encourage new and other emerging artists that a ‘style’ is a curation of the things you love. When you see artists that have a very strong artistic voice, they’re very aware of what they love, and that takes time. It’s a process. Just do what you’d like to create in the meantime. Don’t compare yourself to others and be grateful for what you have right now.” 

Roma’s work has sold work both nationally and internationally.  Her work has been sold in Home Goods, and she has also licensed her work with other brands including Erin Condren and Lemonade Puzzles. Osowo is currently represented by the Liz Lidgett gallery in Des Moines, Iowa and is also carried by Park + Eighth, a vintage decor and original art store in Fort Worth, Texas. Her work is also available to purchase and see through her website. Find out more about Roma Osowo on Instagram, Facebook, her website. You can also check her work in the Liz Lidgeet Gallery and Park + Eight Gallery.

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Written by Kyle Dior

Working with influencers, entrepreneurs and music artists around the world.