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ROMderful Teams Up With Shakka & Dounia To “Run Tings”

Jamaican-Birmingham artist ROMderful joins Morocco’s rising artist Dounia & UK’s Shakka to create their newest collaboration “Run Tings”, released this past Tuesday.

ROMderful released the single, “Run Tings”, in anticipation of his debut album coming later this Spring. This pop summer track bridges the gap between different cultures and sounds that have the ability to bring people together in one chill vibe.

“It’s been a while since I released music and I was excited to ask Dounia and Shakka to be part of the song,” ROMderful said in a press release. “I produced this beat 3 years ago and wanted to bring an up-tempo, summer fun ting vibe for my first single. Also, this is my first song with quite stripped back production, venturing more outside of the SoundCloud world of music. I had a lot of fun making it.”

The inspiring 22-year-old is taking his music day-by-day and trying to get his songs out to the fans. He aspires to, one day, be as great as Chad Hugo or Pharrell all while taking his followers along for the journey.

ROMderful, who’s known for his work with the Soulection collective and with a variety of artists such as Brent Faiyaz, Mali Music, Jean Deaux, Rayana Jay and Grammy-nominated artist Goldlink, got an early start playing the guitar in the church band. These experiences played a significant role in his musical career.

He began using SoundCloud in 2011 as a way of sharing small demos and remixes that eventually gained a substantial following that would later help him go on tour. “It was almost like a little family too, I made so many lifelong friends from SoundCloud around the world who I’m still close with now!” ROMderful said about the music streaming platform.

ROMderful connected with Dounia and Shakka all through chance. Dounia instantly became the missing piece to the track being called “Run Tings” or “London City”, as well as showing him the delicious food New Yorkers eat regularly.

“I loved the energy of the song and we were just chilling in Harlem, having fun so it was fully great vibes,” Dounia said about collaborating with ROMderful. “ROM’s energy is unworldly and I can’t wait to see what else he does.”

To him, his upcoming album is a fusion of The Internet meeting The Neptunes and having a musical baby. “I played all the instruments on every track, I also sang on some tracks which isn’t something I’ve released a lot of so it’s a huge progression from just making remixes and edits on SoundCloud!” He said. “Every song was made to be catchy, melodic, happy, sad, all of the above! I hope people like it :)”

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

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