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Rose Tiger Releases New EP – ‘The Shallows ACT.1’

New wave/glam rock outfit Rose Tiger release their brand-new EP, The Shallows ACT.1, the first of Rose Tiger’s three-act album, entitled The End Forever. The project was recorded in London by producer Richie Kennedy (Celeste, The Murder Capital, White Lies, Suede) in legendary studio Assault & Battery II.

Suggestive of Marc Bolan crossed with Queen, The End Forever amalgamates rock opera, glam rock, and new wave into grand sonic potions as it narrates a world inhabited by dinosaurs, humans, and robots, all residing underground.

Rose Tiger is made up of Domi Hawken, Irene Gonzalez, and fronted by compelling French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cyprien “Wendy” Jacquet, who previously was part of Serpent and Jehnny Beth. Wendy moved to London after dropping a pair of EPs. In London, he started composing a rock opera.

Encompassing six tracks, The Shallows ACT.1 begins with “The Shallows (Opening),” a sparkling intro of layered instrumentation. “Hypersonic” blends savors of retro ‘60s rock with hints of new wave. Wendy’s evocative vocals imbue the lyrics with plush textures as the harmonics ebb, rise and shift with alluring dramatic effect.

“Scarlet Eye” opens on a dark-flavored guitar, followed by the entry of deliciously coursing strings as Wendy’s captivating vocals lure listeners into a fantasy realm. Gleaming colors ride a potent rhythm composed of an elongated bassline and rounded percussion.

“Abby’s Song” features an effervescent intro segueing into complementary antiphonal voices. This might be the best track on the EP because of its shiny coloration and smooth, undulating harmonics. Under exquisite lilting control, the female voice is superb, infusing the lyrics with luscious timbres.

“Could be a Fantasy” starts off low and then mousses up to heady washes of rock-opera leitmotifs, reminiscent of Queen. At once grandly resonant and brimming with flair, the marvelous vocals are the fulcrum on which the entire song balances.

The EP culminates with “The Shallows (Ending),” which glows with bright, glittering hues atop an acoustic guitar.

With The Shallows ACT.1, Rose Tiger blends enchanting, swanky layers of glam rock with dazzling vocals, creating stylish, irresistible music.

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Written by Randy

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