Rothwell releases new music video for Stop Calling

Rothwell, today released her brand new music video for her new single, Stop Calling.

 Co-written by Rothwell alongside dancefloor hitmaker George Kwali and produced by the legendary Tim Powell, famed for his work with pop production house XenomaniaStop Calling is a slice of pop perfection packed with sass. Ferociously laced with Rothwell’s soulful vocals, cool guitar riffs and empowering lyrics, Rothwell proves she is not one to mess with.

The music video was shot at Brighton Pride.


“Stop Calling is a song about realising your worth and having the confidence to walk away from people who don’t value that. It’s about standing up for yourself, having ownership of how fabulous you are, and moving on. Screw all of those 2am booty calls, this lady’s got shit to do and likes a good 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep.”-Rothwell


2018 has found Rothwell surrounded with hype after her latest releases, Velvet Heart was featured in the hottest TV programme of the year, Love Island. 

After being played on the show, the track raced into the Top 20 of the iTunes charts and to date has been streamed over half a million times. Support also came from BBC Radio 1’s Adele Roberts who noted that Left Me At The Party was the ‘best new pop’ anthem.

Rothwell’s debut album is set to be released in 2019 and we cannot wait to hear it as Rothwell is known for releasing tracks that everyone can relate to.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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