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ROZES: A Year in Review

After making a breakthrough with her solo material last year, it’s safe to say that vocal powerhouse ROZES has continued to thrive throughout 2017. The singer-songwriter has released numerous singles, both solo and collaborations, whilst also writing with a string of other artists. She has also been able to bring her music to the stage this year through her headline shows and tour support slots.

From delivering plenty of bops to showcasing her talent on tour, here’s the lowdown on ROZES’ incredible 2017.

Collaborating with Cash Cash

ROZES kicked off the year by releasing ‘Matches’, a collaboration with production trio Cash Cash. The combination of slick production, a thumping beat drop and ROZES’ stunning vocals ensured that this happy heartbreak song became a hit. It has since amassed over 20.6 million streams on Spotify.

Speaking about the track, ROZES said: “My best friend and I happened to have our hearts broken around the same time back in High School, and sometimes we talk about how crazy it is that, back then, we thought we were losing our whole world by losing that one person. I wanted to put myself back into those emotions and talk about those memories.”

Signing with Photo Finish Records

In June, ROZES signed with Photo Finish Records. In an exciting move, the songstress finally found the right home for her. Speaking to us ahead of her performance at Firefly Music Festival, ROZES said: “Honestly, it feels like a breath of fresh air has entered my lungs. Not that I felt like a lost puppy, but I kind of did. After having that song with The Chainsmokers, it felt like no one really knew what to do with me or handle what I was doing. I struggled with staying indie and wanting to sign because you know, you always hear people say “you’re a sellout, you signed with a label”- that kind of thing.”

“But for me, I just wanted to find the right home. I was shopping around for labels for a very long time. I was feeling them rejecting me, me rejecting them. It got really rough because it was like being in a relationship, you know? Why don’t they love me? Why don’t I love them? Why can’t I love them? So, when I finally signed with this team, it just felt like ‘Thank God, I finally found them’.”

Summer tour

In July, ROZES headed out on a summer tour. In addition to performing some headline shows in locations such as San Diego, Los Angeles and Anaheim, she supported her good friends AJR on their sold out What Everyone’s Thinking tour. The live shows allowed streams of fans to witness ROZES’ powerful vocals in the flesh.


July also saw the release of a new ROZES solo single, ‘Canyons’. The infectious offering showcases the singer-songwriter’s talent perfectly. The song packs a punch in terms of its lyrics and melody, and we can feel every inch of emotion in ROZES’ voice.

Speaking about ‘Canyons’ in our interview with her, ROZES said: “The song is about being in a disagreement with someone you care about and even though what you are going through is heartbreaking and the other person doesn’t feel the same way you may feel, it doesn’t mean you are not compatible or that you don’t love each other.”

In addition to releasing her own material, ROZES also spent time writing with a string of other artists including Cheat Codes (on their track ‘Sober’),  Louis Tomlinson and Sophie Beem.

‘Girls on Boys’ with Galantis

We were treated to a second collaboration from ROZES back in September called ‘Girls On Boys’. This time, we saw her team up with Swedish EDM duo Galantis. ‘Girls On Boys’ combines Galantis’ bright production and ROZES’ iconic vocals and shows an exciting new side to both artists.

Speaking about the song, ROZES said: “The up-beat vibe of the song masks the darker lyrics, which reveal that the money, diamonds, and champagne won’t fix the feeling of missing the person you love and feeling alone.”

The track was also given the music video treatment. The visual follows a bunch of eccentric characters during a unusual dinner party – we guarantee that you won’t guess the outcome!


‘Famous’ is ROZES’ most recent offering, with the songstress highlighting that the love of the people around you can truly make you feel famous. With production from Captain Cuts, the track has a shimmering beat which once again puts ROZES’ powerhouse vocals at the forefront.

Speaking about the track, ROZES said: “There’s a different side to fame, which is more important than materialistic things and paparazzi. Everyone is famous in their own way through the people you surround yourself with, because their love and attention will always make you feel like you’re in the limelight.”

MAX’s Fall Tour

In October, ROZES supported MAX on his Meteor tour. Kicking off in Vancouver on October 5, the tour visited 30 North American and Canadian cities, finishing off in Minneapolis on November 19. Once again, the tour allowed ROZES to perform to fans old and new, showcasing her talent whilst also having fun on stage.

2017 has been a mega year for ROZES, and we’re certain that 2018 is only going to be even better. To start with, she is set to release a new EP which we couldn’t be more excited for. During the year, ROZES has also spoken openly about women’s empowerment in addition to mental and physical health. As a great role model in the music industry, we can’t wait to see her continue to use her platform in a positive manner.

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