RUNN Showcases Her Good and Bad Days in Her Debut EP, “Handle with Care”

RUNN is a Los Angeles-based pop/singer-songwriter, who has finally released her much-anticipated debut EP, titled “Handle With Care“. Earlier in 2020, she gave fans a delicious taste of the release with “Love Like Us” and “Misery“. Now that her full EP is out, fans get to experience more of her electro-pop goodness with the likes of new singles “Dreams” and “Since Loving You“. Additionally, the EP features the aforementioned title track to round out the release.

Speaking on the release of the EP, RUNN reveals that when she first began envisioning her debut EP, she wanted the songs to be a distilled version of herself, including the good the bad and the whole mess in-between. “I viewed it as an opportunity to introduce myself,” RUNN explains, “lyrically and musically to the world in a way that hadn’t been seen before.”

The songs have a distinct range of genre and style, which is indicative of my entire musical journey, and seeing myself as genre-less; because I believe we all have many sides to our story and we should never allow our hearts to get boxed in.”

RUNN on her debut EP, “Handle with Care”

In the past, RUNN used to be afraid her story wasn’t worth telling other people about, however, during the journey of writing her EP, RUNN found a purpose – and the confidence that it is of course worth telling. “Everyone’s story might not be what you expect,” she continues, “but every twist and turn, good day or bad day makes them who they are.”

This EP represents RUNN’s good days and bad days, RUNN’s heartbreak and her self-improvement, and this is just the start of her story.

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