Ruth Lorenzo Releases The Music Video For “Underworld”

It’s been quite a while since Ruth Lorenzo has released a music video, but gosh has it been worth the wait as the  “Underworld” music video is absolutely incredible. We’re prepared to state that this is her best visual to-date and it sure does excite us for what’s to come. The single was dropped on Friday 28 June 2019 and follows up her 2018 sophomore album, Loveaholic.

Ruth Lorenzo is best known for representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, where she sang “Dancing In The Rain” – this song is also her most streamed song on Spotify. She came tenth with 74 points, which is Spain’s joint best position in the last 14 years. She previously made her name known in the UK by being a contestant on the fifth series of The X Factor, where she came fifth. As for after Eurovision, she competed on Tu Cara Me Suena (the Spanish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar), where she became the winner. She also won five Yudeo Awards in 2018 for her latest album Loveaholic, which we described as “a true testament of Ruth Lorenzo’s staple in the music industry” in our review of the LP. Now it’s time for a whole new Ruth Lorenzo era and we are totally ready.

We knew the music video was bound to be epic as she has been teasing it throughout social media with an image reminiscent of a film poster. The visual is dedicated to Helena Pook, someone unknown to her fans, it seems to have been a recurring theme for Ruth Lorenzo to mention Helena Pook, and fans have seen her tweeting about this mysterious woman since 2013, with one fan noticing that there’s a grave with a statue of on Dorothy Helena Pook in London, who died on Christmas Day 1927 at just 27 years old, which Ruth Lorenzo replied in a tweet stating that her fan was close, with the words “caliente caliente”, which means “hot hot” in English.

Other credits in the music video lists Pablo H. Smith as the director, Pacho Martinez as the executive producer, Pablo Bonal as the editor, and The Panda Bear Show as the production company. On set, Ruth Lorenzo is joined by angels and devils, who are played by Estíbaliz Mardones, Lena Zafra, Alba Keita, and Idaira Pena, whilst the choreography was created by Miryam Benedited and Borja Rueda.

The opening scene sees Ruth Lorenzo driving a car intercut with a scene of her performing the song in front of the said car as smoke rises around her. As the first chorus comes to an end we start to see a brand new scene, where Ruth Lorenzo is dressed as a Greek goddess or even an angel, intercut with scenes of her grabbing a shovel and walking into a graveyard. By the second verse, she has found the grave she’s been looking for and she starts to dig. She drags a male body from the grave and drives to a place where she plans to act out a ceremony – is she a witch? During this scene, we watch an awesome new visual scene where Ruth Lorenzo is dressed in red on a chair reminiscent of the Iron Throne from Game Of Thrones; with her hands and arms covered in dried blood, and the chair comes with four extra arms which are also covered in dried blood, we guess she is in the underworld in this scene. The final minute or so sees her acting out choreography as part of the revival ceremony, all the while the angelic Ruth Lorenzo also bats out the choreography, only with her backing dancers – or should we say, backing angels? The final shot sees the man resurrected, but Ruth Lorenzo is nowhere in sight.

This music video is outstanding, with each and every scene telling its side of the story, this Spanish artist looks sexy, sultry, and beautiful throughout, and that dance sequence is completely on point. Simply wow!

Watch Ruth Lorenzo’s Music Video For “Underworld” Here:

Underworld” is available to download and stream right now, via Raspberry Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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