Track-By-Track Album Review: Ruth Lorenzo – Loveaholic

This week saw Ruth Lorenzo drop her second studio album, titled Loveaholic. This LP has been teased for many weeks as she has released an official single and a few promotional singles to build up interest for Loveaholic. The first single was “Good Girls Don’t Lie” and that was followed by promotional singles “My Last Song“, “Loveaholic“, and “Bring Back The New“.

Loveaholic album is her second collection of tracks, following up 2014’s Planeta Azul. It contains 12 tracks; one of which is a collaboration with Jeff Beck. As a whole, this fully proves how talented Ruth Lorenzo is, showing off her versatility and her incredible vocals.

This incredible Spanish female singer is best known for representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, where she sang “Dancing In The Rain” – this song is also her most streamed song on Spotify. She came tenth with 74 points, which is Spain’s joint best position in the last 14 years. She previously made her name known in the UK by being a contestant on The X Factor’s fifth series, where she came fifth. As for after Eurovision, she competed on Tu Cara Me Suena (the Spanish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar), where she became the winner.

Now she’s released her second studio album, Loveaholic, and we love every single track. This collection of tracks are a true testament of Ruth Lorenzo’s staple in the music industry. This female singer deserves global success and we can’t wait to watch her blast waves in the world with her awesome music. Here’s our track-by-track review of the album.

Bring Back The New

This is a perfect opening track, it’s fully controlled and has a stabbing opening line that certainly makes us think about the title of the album. There are not many singers in the world who can sing a rolling repeated-line chorus and make it beyond catchy, even sing-a-long worthy; Ruth Lorenzo proves she’s one of these established singers. The lyrics cut deep, and she showcases her powerhouse vocals, allowing us to believe that this album will be a complete treat to every listener. We’re ready for Ruth Lorenzo to get rid of the old and bring back the new.

Good Girls Don’t Lie

Here’s the first, and currently the only, single released from the album. It’s no surprise that it was chosen as it is a firecracker of a song, that completely suits Ruth Lorenzo in every way. It’s a modern pop song with an emotional twist. It’s rhythmically beaty with a groovy sound, this will have you moving in time with the song before it ends. Her vocals are on point throughout, fully connecting with the song.

The First Man

The song starts slowly, with Ruth Lorenzo matching the backing track, which certainly suggests a highly emotional song, and that’s exactly what it is. Going from the power vocal from “Good Girls Don’t Lie” to this slow ballad just proves her controlled ability. This feels like a personal letter of a song to her father, and we never knew how raw and honest Ruth Lorenzo can be. This hits us right in the heart and will no doubt resonate with a lot of people in the world. “The First Man” is bound to be a highlight of her tour.


Going more theatrical, “Ride”, is another emotional track that tells quite the story. Ruth Lorenzo shows off her beautiful vocals, managing to bring something new and brilliant, something that we’ve never ever heard from her voice before. It’s passionate and meaningful, taking us away to a vision of a highway as the sun slowly sets; how does she manage to paint such a gorgeous picture?


Here’s the title track which feels like a track from the past that has been refreshed. It shows that she can write and sing something that seems dated and yet manage to make it current and new. “Loveaholic” is a surprising track to be a title track as it has whispers of her taking us to church with this love song, with a clear crisp vocal throughout. On the other hand, the title does also explain this whole album so it’s not that much of a surprise this was also the title of the album.

My Last Song

This is probably our favourite of the promotional singles that was released. “My Last Song” really allows Ruth Lorenzo to place her heart on her sleeve whilst fully allowing her vocals to shine. Every single word resonates with the listener and it just hits us right in the heart. It’s truthful and honest and we just love it.


This starts off as a surprise since the backing track is nothing like we’ve ever heard before, which certainly draws in the audience even more so than usual. The song is powerful throughout, with the lyrics being blasted out. Her vocals are astonishing from the get-go. One lyric stands out “We are soldiers in a war that can’t be won”; the song reminds us of a march before a battle; it really takes to Ruth Lorenzo’s rock side, which we saw come out during her time on The X Factor.

Moscas Muertas

You would think that Ruth Lorenzo would’ve carried on with the high-energy rock-pop tracks after “Bodies”, but instead she slows it right down for this track, bringing a Spanish flare to the album that we’ve been missing since this LP started. It’s a sweet stripped-back song that exposes her beautiful voice. She nails this from start to finish and although we’re not so sure that it should follow “Bodies”, we can’t help but appreciate this track as a whole. We feel like it has an air of 4 Non Blondes’ song “What’s Up?” to it. The title, “Muscas Muertas”, means “Dead Flies”, in English.


It’s clear she’s been influenced by 80’s and 90’s music since this song has an air of Prince’s “Kiss” about it – not a surprise since she totally sung Prince’s “Purple Rain” amazingly on The X Factor’s live shows during the sing-off, and it’s still a performance people talk about today. It has a groovy beat wish her vocals sounding perfect on this. This song alone makes us wish we were going to see her live as we’re pretty sure this fun number would go off on stage.

Spanish Guitar

Keeping with the grooviness but puting a Spanish flamenco twist to it, “Spanish Guitar” has lyrics we’ll all be singing along to by the end. It’s rhythmically catchy with vocal twists allowing this amazing singer-songwriter to create a conceptual image in our heads. We sure hope this becomes a single as we need a Spain-inspired music video – please!

Another Day (feat. Jeff Beck)

The one and only collaboration on the album – does this mean that it could be the second official single? We didn’t know what to expect from this collaboration, Jeff Beck’s biggest hit is “Hi Ho Silver Lining”, although he is also known for being the guitarist in various bands including The Yardbirds and The Jeff Beck Group. We were hoping for a rock song, but this is very much stripped back and sweet. It’s gentle with Ruth Lorenzo’s vocals being emotionally strong and she’s got a yearning quality to her voice. Jeff Beck impresses with his guitar skills in the backing track and through instrumentals; it’s a soft rock-pop track that definitely stands out on the album.


The final track on the album, one that should end the album perfectly; well… Just wow! Taking inspiration from old Spanish ballad tracks, this stuns us into silence at the end. “Amanecer” is a strong and powerful track that is controlled throughout by Ruth Lorenzo’s rich vocals. It really shows her capabilities and makes us all wish we knew Spanish so we could understand this track. “Amaecer” means “Dawn” in English.

As a whole, this album has it all. It really shows off Ruth Lorenzo as a diverse singer who is capable of singing different genres. She impresses us to no end with her emotive songs, both lyrically and vocally. This is definitely going to be an album we’ll never forget. From track one to track 12, this album tells a story. Every track is beautiful, meaningful, and flat-out perfection. What more could we want – apart from this to never end!

“Loveaholic” by Ruth Lorenzo is available to download and stream right now, through Raspberry Records. As for this Spanish female singer, she’s currently on tour in Spain as she promotes this LP. We are hoping a second single is released in the near-future with an epic music video.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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