Promotional photo for "Hit Different" which sees RVSHVD dressed in a light blue denim jacket, over a black hoodie, and a black beanie hat, looking straight at the camera with a frosty field setting behind him.
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RVSHVD mixes R&B and country in his new single and music video, titled “Hit Different”

Taking country music to the streets is RVSHVD who doesn’t shy away from combining R&B with boot-scooting country in his recently released track, titled “Hit Different”. This follows up the rock mix of “Cottonmouth” which features Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills.

RVSHVD, real name Clintarius Rashad Johnson, is a singer-songwriter from Willacoochee, Georgia. He started out studying the music of Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Tupac before becoming a self-taught R&B singer. It wasn’t until he discovered a track by Keith Urban did he fully realise that country music is for him, and this led him down a different path, allowing him to infuse the R&B style that he had come to know, into his new-found love of country music. In doing so, he’s created this whole new path and is continuing to show the world that music is for everyone regardless of genre. Blending the two worlds together really makes him a driving force in the world of music and that is clear on Spotify, where his collaboration with Cooper Alan, titled “Colt 45 (Country Remix)” has gained over 22.8 million streams with his 2020 single, “Ballin'” just behind at 16.6 million. His music just proves that combining country with black influences is not only innovative but also inspirational.

Talking about the track, RVSHVD said:”‘Hit Different’ is about how life is in South Georgia. A lot of people back home will relate to it. People in the South have their own version of what ‘country’ means, and this is ours.”

Watch The Music Video To “Hit Different” by RVSHVD Here:

Written by Clintarius Rashad Johnson, Jason Afable, Josh Logan Tagney, and Zak Waters, whilst it was produced by Dream Addix, “Hit Different” really does blend the genres of country music with R&B, fusing them together with the help of some rock, pop, and soul vibes, that all truly come together to create an atmospheric sound, like no other. RVSHVD really impresses to no end, with fired-up relatable lyrics, incredible vocals that touch every listener, and a truly unforgettable rhythm. Lyrically, RVSHVD delves into his background, country music as a whole, life in South Georgia, and his progress in proving narrow-minded people wrong – a black guy can certainly boot scoot with the best of them! The iconic line in the chorus, “Alpines bumping dirty south hip hop; Mix in with some country boy Rick Ross; Throw in a little Lil Wayne with a little bit of Travis Tritt; Yea, I hit different” is one for the history books and has so much imagery, describing the song itself whilst also being the lyrics; it just completely showcases the exemplary songwriting that went into this.

As for the music video, directed by Travis Knight, it has a main performance piece that really allows RVSHVD to shine from beginning to end as he grabs the spotlight and delivers the song with heart and meaningfulness whilst keeping it light. His clear passion for the track comes in tenfold during the visuals. Interwoven throughout are various video scenes which see the “Que Dog” steppers from Alabama and a mixture of country, rock, and rap recording artists who are trailblazers in their own right and are currently forging their own path in music.

Stream the new single right now on Spotify here:

“Hit Different”, by RVSHVD, is available to download and stream, across all platforms, right now, via The Penthouse South and Sumerian Nashville.

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